Police In Delhi Is Extorting Money Out Of Common Public In the Name Of Fine For Not Wearing The Mask During Pandemic. The Extortion Money Has Become A Source Of Revenue For The Government & An Extra Income For Police Or Tool For Promotions for cops

Police in India has always been A Symbol & Synonym for corruption, harassment, torture In India.

Usually, police force means the protection of citizens and civilians all over the world, but in India, police have been one of the top tool for harassment and torture.

Pick any newspaper and news channel any day, and you can find endless points of breaking the rules by police in India as well as reports of police brutality on common citizens.

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Custodial deaths, fake encounters, lockup tortures, rapes during an arrest, sexual harassment in jails and police stations are common news in India.

During this pandemic, police got extra perks in the name of bribe and extortion from the public.

Police have done what one can’t even think off during this pandemic.

They have sold liquor illegally to people, they have sold drugs, they have lathi-charged doctors, they have beaten up essential services delivery people, they have even taken hafta or extortion money from street vendors who earn their livelihood by selling on road. They have looted people going out during pandemic and even brutally lathi-charged them in groups if resisted. You can find thousands of reports against police of using excessive forces against the civilians who pay their hard earned money as taxes given to these police man as their salaries. Police have best exploited those people for whom they take oaths to protect.

Further police have even scammed the government for the money given to them by the government to feed people on road. They even have brutally tortured immigrant labours who have travelled thousands of miles to reach their home on foot.

Now there is a new trick In new India by police where they are harassing, torturing and extorting money from common people in the name of fine for not wearing the mask.

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Go to any industrial area like Naraina, Mayapuri, Kirti Nagar or wazirpur, police are raiding factory complex and premises during lunchtime in the name of inspection and putting up the fines for not wearing the mask during lunch time while eating. If you are smart enough, you can save yourself by paying 100, 200, 500 depending on your negotiation power.

What’s more, police are even raiding private parties, private homes, showrooms, shops and harassing the shop owners, shop workers during lunch time for not wearing the mask while eating the food in the lunchtime.

The modus operandi in this entire trick is to raid at the time which is either a tea break at 11 or lunch time from 1:30-2:30 PM. Either impose a heavy fine of 2,000 INR and get promoted for your performance in the duty and generating the revenue for the government or get extra pocket money for letting people go after extorting 100-200-500 but ultimately police is the winner on both the sides.

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Government passes the rules sitting in their AC cabins, Moving on the roads in escorted vehicles. They have no idea about the ground reality. Passing a rule from their AC cabins and implementing it on the ground are completely two opposite sides of the coin and almost impossible with police forces of India which are already one of the most corrupt police forces out of 209 countries.

Police in India have always manipulated and modified any and every rule in order to extract more and more money from the common public in the name of maintaining the law and order.

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They find every loophole within a rule and forcefully implement it and common public can not even protest, else be ready to get arrested under Section 353, Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty, a rule heavily used by almost every government employee to hide their misuse of law and corruption.

If you are unlucky enough, you can even be charged with UAPA and thrown behind the bars in jail for almost more than 6 months without any bail and legal aid.

In many cases police force is even seen breaking the CCTV, Mobile camera, video camera of people who have tried to record their corruption and illegal activites in the camera and have brutally been beaten up by them in the name of law and order.

According to one report A total of 5,44,880 challans have been issued in the national capital since June 15, they said.


Even after supreme court guidelines police is forcefully looting money from people driving alone in their private vehicle without a mask, according to supreme court guidelines, a single person travelling alone in his personal car need not to wear the mask during the entire journey as long as he is inside the car.

Now whether police charge a fine legally worth 2000 and deposit in the government accounts, generate revenue for the government and get promoted, or they take a small fraction as bribe and put this in their own pocket, police is enjoying on both the sides and ultimately the common tax payer is suffering on both the sides.

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Do share if you have also faced any such incident during this pandemic in our comment section and we will highlight it in the media.

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