Microbrewery shall be allowed to supply to other bars and restaurants: New excise policy to promote microbreweries

Delhiites will now be able to fill their bottles or ‘growlers’ with freshly brewed beer from any microbrewery in the city as the Delhi Excise policy for 2021-22 promises to promote such establishments.

The Excise Policy that aims to boost revenue of the Delhi government was uploaded on the excise department’s website on Monday.

The policy allows microbreweries to supply draught beer to bars and also provide takeaway services.

Draught beer shall be allowed to be taken away in bottles or ‘growlers’. Microbrewery shall also be allowed to supply to other bars and restaurants that have licence to serve liquor, the policy document excise policy liquor vends to be spacious, air-conditioned, to promote microbreweries |new excise policy: दिल्‍ली में बदलेगी शराब दुकानों की सूरत, दिल्‍लीवासी सीधे कंपनी से खरीद सकेंगे ...

Senior officials of the excise department said that the move will allow people to go to such microbreweries and take away freshly brewed beer.

This exercise is already in place in nearby towns such as Gurugram but in Delhi take away services were not allowed. This excise policy will promote microbreweries in the national capital, the official said.

He added that the new policy will, however, command a number of quality checks to ensure the safety of the product being served.

The policy document also stated that draught beer shall also be allowed to be served at permitted events, banquet halls that have temporary licences such as P-10, P-10E etc.

Wherever draught beer is being served as a takeaway, clear signage and information will be needed to put up about its short shelf life and the bottles will have to mention the expiry date clearly, the excise policy said.up excise policy raises licence fee up by 15 per cent for beer » aabkari times

The policy clearly states that establishments found selling draught beer after its expiry date will immediately have his license revoked .

The excise policy also recommended serving of liquor in open spaces such as terrace, balcony at licenced hotels and restaurants.

“Licensees of HCR (hotel, clubs and restaurants) shall be allowed to serve any Indian Liquor and Foreign Liquor in any area within the licensed premises, including open spaces viz. terrace/balcony/lower area of licensed premises with the condition that the liquor serving area shall be screened off from the public view, the policy said.

The bars in Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs are allowed to operate till 3 AM except those licensees which have been given license to operate round the clock service of liquor, it added.delhi unveils new excise policy

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