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China Provoking India in 2022

Relationship between China and India

The relationship between China and India is going through a tough time after Bejing had violated the agreement by bringing military forces into Ladakh’s eastern borders. China is trying to provoke both India and the United States. Washington is trying to accelerate India’s position in defending itself against the provocations made by it. This was said by a senior Biden administrating officers to the lawmakers.

India has boycotted the Beijing Olympics. It happened because China selected the regiment commander for being the Olympic torchbearer. The commander was responsible for the attack on the border in 2020 & he had killed 20 Indian soldiers. Bejing in response to this has published a new map for China reiterating claims for a big part of India in Arunachal Pradesh by renaming the cities in Arunachal Pradesh with Chinese names.

China is provoking India at every turn, says US diplomat | World News |  Onmanorama

The Ladakh violence took place in 2020 in the Pangong lake and the face-off between the two countries took place in Galway Valley in June 2020. India has clearly stated that it will not agree to alterations to the status quo of its borders in Ladakh. They will not consider the attempts that are made by it to alter the Line of Actual Control in that region. The US is also helping India in this matter by bolstering the defense capabilities of the country.

They feel strongly about their major defense partnership. They are strengthening the capacity through intelligence and information sharing, robust naval cooperation, and cooperation in cyberspace and space departments. A quad is a four-member group of the US, India, Japan, and Australia. They have been accomplishing their goals very quickly. It was formed because all these countries share the same vision regarding the Indo-Pacific tussle. They are against the growing assertiveness that it is showing in these regions. The Quad is supporting Indo-Pacific freely and openly.

There was a recent ministerial of the Quad in Melbourne. They are helping to soften the blow of the Covid Pandemic along with the other humanitarian crisis. The Quad has delivered over 1 billion vaccine doses around the world. The Quad openly discusses the emerging technologies and tries to help in supporting the clean energy system. They are trying to decarbonize the efforts in these regions. They are involved in green shipping & initiatives like clean hydrogen. They work through maritime security and operations. They share data, fight against illegal fishing. Similar to the Malabar exercise.

China is paying a high price for provoking India | The Japan Times

Biden has not de-prioritized in countering China’s being a part of the Quad. These allegations were put up by Senator Ted Cruz. He said that he was present in all of the Quad discussions. The Quad spoke about countering China in all of those discussions. They also talk about countering China with the help of defense and security activities. Talks about countering China with the help of COVID Vaccines. China is using this technique to reach the Indo-Pacific region.

In 2017, the US, Australia, India, and Japan had implemented the Quad proceedings. It was done to keep the Indo-Pacific sea routes out of the influence of China. Even though China is a growing military presence in the said region. India restraints in taking China’s name during the Quad communications. It also hesitates in taking its name during the communications between India and the US. It is not trying to poke China in the eye. There are certain queries put up by the new anchors regarding the stand of the US on Beijing’s aggression. Whether the US has made any comments on the same or not.

Because India and China have been locked in a standoff since Ladakh in 2020. China has observed what has happened during this period. However, only recently did the news come out that Chinese soldiers had died during this tussle. There were four of them. India is also not taking the stand of Ukraine or not speaking against Putin as it needs Russian weapons. Because it is still in a standoff with China. Washington had coordinated along with Delhi at the time when India was in a standoff with Beijing. But, no details regarding the cooperation were provided and they left it upon India to do the same.

china news: China is provoking India at every turn, says US diplomat - The  Economic Times

Moscow might not be India’s friend. Putin met Xi Jinping during the Beijing Olympics. Their friendship was off to a good start and knew no boundaries. It has been observed by the officials in New Delhi that the US will not apply much pressure on the matter. Therefore, it needs support from Russia to fight against China when the time comes. The strategies used by India to leverage Russia against China are not effective. The bond between Russia and China has only become stronger with time. The US had asked India during the Ladakh tussle regarding their interference in the crisis. But to which India replied no. And this was something that the nation can handle on its own.

There were eyebrows raised when India had joined the UAE and China in not voting on the draft resolution. The Security Council of the UN had put a resolution condemning the invasion of Russia over Ukraine which Russia vetoed later. India did not cast its vote. India needs the support of Moscow at the time to defend itself from China. India is focusing only on evacuating Indians from Ukraine during the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The government is solely concerned with making sure that the Indian nationals return to their homes safely. This was said by the office of the prime minister recently.

India needs to find a sweet spot between ignoring and provoking China

India needs help from both Ukraine and Russia to bring their students back. This was said by the Ministry of external affairs. We are only trying to save our people from the tussle that doesn’t involve us. Both sides should be able to come to a solution where a safe passage is provided to the Indians who are stuck in between and the Indian Government is trying day and night to work that option.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma



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