Demand For Diesel Witness One Of The Largest Dip Due To Coronavirus lockdown

Demand / consumption of petrol-diesel is continuously decreasing due to lockdown to prevent corona virus infection. 

Demand for diesel decreased and petrol increased

Diesel consumption in 2019-20 has been reduced by one per cent compared to the previous year 2018-19. However, the demand / consumption of petrol has increased by six per cent during this period. A senior official of the Petroleum Ministry said that the demand for petrol and diesel will remain low this year due to the lockdown.

According to the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, a total of 82,579 thousand metric tons of diesel has been consumed in 2019-20. Whereas in 2018-19 it was 83,528 thousand MT. At the same time, petrol consumption has increased over the previous year. In 2019-20, 29,976 thousand metric tons of petrol was consumed. Whereas in 2018-19, 28,284 thousand metric tons were consumed.

Comparison – Decreased in December, increased in March: Statistics show that in December, 2019, the consumption of diesel was 7,387 thousand metric tons. Whereas in December 2018, the demand for diesel was 7,389 thousand metric tons. A total of 5,651 thousand metric tons of diesel was consumed in March 2020. Whereas in March, 2019, the demand for diesel was 7,459. Demand / consumption also decreased in January 2020.

According to the report of Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell in March, the decrease in demand for diesel has come due to several reasons. The sudden lockdown in the last week of March has also been a major reason for this. Several other reasons are also important with this. The demand for diesel has been declining since December.

Coronavirus cases in India reach 26,917

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Coronavirus cases don’t see any fullstop in the near future. Cases are continuously increasing. The total coronavirus cases in world has reached 2.95m. The death toll has reached 205k and 861k people have recovered till now.

In India as well the cases are on a spree. Total cases in India has reached 26,917. 5,914 have recovered and 826 people have died.

Coronavirus has created havoc in the entire world. People are shut in their homes, poor struggling to make their two ends meet, hospitals flourishing will ill patients and economy facing the worst economic downturn. There is an air of uncertainty in the whole world. Nobody knows what’s next.

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