There Is No Lockdown In Sweden Even When The Covid-19 Cases Are Increasing

When the entire world is struggling and suffering the ravages of this fatal virus, there is one country who has decided to carry on their daily activities with no lockdown.

Most of the countries affected by the virus are in a complete lockdown. This is yielding extremely negative impact on their economy however, these countries has preferred lives of people more important than the economy.

However, Sweden has decided to impose no lockdown. The decision to continue daily life and economic activities in Sweden has received widespread public support.

This decision has been made by the scientists of Sweden and the government has given its support. Despite this, many of the country’s virus experts are not convinced with the government’s move.

No lockdown in Sweden

People are roaming freely without any restrictions. They are enjoying their weekends at the beach, partying on Friday nights, eating at restaurants and there is no hindrance to any of their activity despite the spread of coronavirus.

How is this possible?

Due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 in Sweden, very few things have been affected.

But despite this, statistics show that a large section of the population is adopting social distancing on their own free will.

This is the most important part of Sweden’s strategy to prevent the spread of corona virus infection.

The number of people using public traffic has reduced considerably. A large number of people are working from their homes.

The government has prohibited the gathering of more than 50 people and visiting old age homes at one place.

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How severe is the epidemic in Sweden?

From the point of view of Swedish scientists, there has been debate for weeks whether Sweden’s plan is sensitive and long-lasting? Or did Sweden inadvertently experiment with his own people in which uncalled for lives are being lost? Or will it fail to overcome the epidemic of Covid-19?

The capital Stockholm has been the epicenter of the epidemic so far. Here the infection cases can be said to be stable. Although a slight bounce was seen on the weekend.

There is still free space in intensive care units and the use of new field hospital has not started yet. This hospital is built on an old conference venue.

Why did Sweden choose a different route?

Doctor Anders Tagnell and his team believed that the corona virus would have a limited effect on a portion of the population. While other experts, including scientists from Imperial College, London, gave their opinion on the contrary. After this Sweden decided to keep a large section of the society open.

In addition, the Health Department of Sweden said that a large proportion of infected people will have mild symptoms.

Many people believe that Sweden is aiming for herd immunity. However, Sweden denies this claim..

Sweden says that their main objective is to implement relatively less strict social distancing rules. This strategy could be implemented for a long time.

In most Nordic countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, immediate stringent sanctions were implemented to prevent the epidemic. Although these restrictions have now been relaxed to a great extent.

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