Effects of Animation on Kids!

“Animation” or “Animation feature film” is a very beautiful world more so for children who love to see a world full of fantasy. The resonation of amazing characters which lures young minds to a world full of possibilities in their tiny little minds can be overtly fascinating. What cannot be showcased in a live motion picture can easily be compensated with animation movies. The illusion of animation is strong that the child holds on to it for long. “This is one very good reason, why I started with animation movies as my first choice, when it came to giving back something to society via our children, even when animation is an expensive content to produce and rarely gives great returns when showcased free on OTT platforms” says Kiran Agarwal, owner and content producer of WOKA channel on YOUTUBE producing moral based 3D movies for our young minds.


“Animation by and large inspires a certain age group a lot, as it’s all about colours, sounds and funny actions by its characters to make our little viewers intrigued in the story and our little minds rationalise what they see, in their own way, to learn a lot. No wonder animated toons and their behaviour are so strongly copied by the children. Good Animation or Bad Animation, either of which, have very strong impact on children, more than any other visual medium, as it is one spectrum that children of nubile age connect a lot to. What is offered to children in name of entertainment needs to be checked and processed responsibly as there are a fraction of content producers who produce cheap and crass content which have a negative impact on young mind. Children aged between 4-9 years are of extreme innocent mind frame and one has to be very careful as to what fodder we feed them because that etches as a reference in their minds for a long time” says Kiran with a smile.


“We restrict ourselves as we mention animation. For some reason, it comes across as if we mean only cartoon films (something like Tom and Jerry). That’s a statuary binding of one’s mind. But that’s not the truth. There are many spheres in animation. Today edutainment via animation is another genre which is garnering momentum. There are some amazing entertainment shows in animation which teach and yet they do not preach like SABAK DEGI NAANI catalogue in our WOKA channel. It is a perfect example of edutainment where we have used animation as a source of showcasing our creative product ,full of entertainment and yet there is an underlayer of education of moral values .Today, children can by and large learn a lot even in cartoon shows or any form of edutainment oriented animation shows. Parents too have a big role in the content that children watch. Good animation shows always make a difference. In spite of the above said, to learn from it or not is a subjective call” affirms Kiran.

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