Under government’s skilling project, tyre industry set to train 5 lakh mechanics by 2022

One of the major causes behind the increasing number of road accidents is poor and faulty tyre repair. Manufacturers are focusing on skilling and certifying mechanics under a new scheme launched by the current government.

Around 5 lakh certified and trained tyre mechanics are being targeted by the Rubber Skill Development Council by 2022 under this new scheme. The reason behind the shift in focus is the data garnered through studies, which found that around 12-13 per cent of the road accidents happen due to faulty tyre fitment or puncture treatment.

A part of government’s Saamarth skilling project, the scheme will enable the tyre industry to skill, standardize and certify factory workers in tyre and vendor companies, other than rubber plantation workers and showroom and workshop hands, as explained by Vinod Simon, chairman of RSDC.

In a bid to skill and train one million workers in the rubber industry, the government has lined up a total amount of around Rs 250 crore over 4 years. Apart from this, the project will also train and reskill two lakh people in tyre and non-tyre manufacturing and three lakh plantation workers.

The initiative has been welcomed by various industry leaders. One such leader is Pawan Ruia, the chairman of Ruia Group. “This initiative will not only boost the tyre industry, but also open the doors for many young individuals, who are waiting for such opportunities to put their case forward,” said Mr Ruia.

“Such concrete steps can bring about a revolution in any industry, even during the slowdown,” he added.

“During the current fiscal, the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurs has set a target of reskilling and certifying one lakh tyre mechanics. RSDC is all set to cross that target. We have already trained 64,000 people and another 1.5 lakh will be trained by March 31, 2020,” concluded Vinod Simon.

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