The Future Trends of the Video Production Industry

The video production industry is witnessing significant growth in terms of investments, profits, and overall conversion. The method of promoting businesses with the help of promotional videos has become popular across all sectors. With industries investing a lot of their budget in making videos to promote their services and products, it is now considered to be one of the efficient and effective promotional strategies.

According to a report, it is stated that about 85 percent of the users who use the internet decide to buy products and services by watching the company’s videos. About 54 percent of the customers tend to watch videos rather than reading the text content published by the brands.

Let’s discuss some of the future trends of the video production industry:

  • Vertical Videos

As more people are using a smartphone nowadays, the demands of vertical videos are also increasing. It is observed that one out of three people likes to watch video-based content instead of text content.

With most of the videos nowadays are compatible with mobile phones, it is observed that companies are now focusing on producing vertical videos.

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As IGTV and Facebook are becoming one of the prominent social media platforms to promote products and services, companies are using vertical videos for promotions daily. Brands who want to engage their targeted audiences are using bite-sized videos that suit this format.

Videos that have a ratio of about 9:16 have many benefits as compared to the other formats. The first benefit of using videos of these ratios is that it fills the entire screen of the viewers when they are watching it on their smartphones. It thereby reduces the distractions by not allowing the users to click anywhere else. The second benefit would be the limited width of the screen that will enable users to focus on one thing at a time and not others, depending on the frame. This allows you to stay connected with the users.

Vertical videos are expected to play an essential role in making the business owners interactive and communicative with their users.

  • Cinemagraph

The importance of Cinemagraph can be observed recently, with many brands opting for this creative trend to establish themselves in the market. Cinemagraph consists of still photos in which a repeated movement happens within a specific segment of the images uploaded by your company.

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Cinemagraphs are created using editing software to combine a set of photographs and recordings in a seamless loop so that the users can watch all the photos in a video format. It’s similar to that of a gif that you come across various social media platforms.

The fusion of images and films tries to create an illusion that the users are watching in the form of animations. This helps you in magically connecting with the audience and leaves a great impression on their minds.

The term originated from the photographers named Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who hail from New York. The duo utilized this technique for animating the photos taken during their Fashion Week. Although it didn’t last for a long time on their viewer’s mind; however, they created a new trend that is used by many corporations and industries to promote their products and services.

Cinemagraphs can create more excitement amongst the users as compared to just the still photographs. If you don’t know much about cinemagraphs, then you can hire an explainer video production company to create a high-quality promotional video for your company.

  • Virtual Reality

In the last few years, the gaming industry has seen significant growth. However, with technology getting advanced and better day by day, you can make the best use of several apps or platforms to create VR and multiply it accordingly.

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With VR, you can create amazing experiences that change the mindset of the users by making them learn more, work less, and play harder. As the devices using VR services have become easily accessible to audiences, you can witness this trend getting more popular nowadays. It’s also because of the services and benefits it offers to the businessmen and tech-savvy industries.

Virtual Reality has taken a step further, leaving the world of entertainment behind. With militaries also using this technology to offer simulation training to the fresher and medical industries using these methods to practice surgeries, you can imagine the popularity it has gained in the market.

Industries that are facing technological limitations because of budget or resource issues are also opting for these VR services to promote their products and services across several markets. It is getting revolutionized across the world broadly.

  • Long-form contents

Long-form content is done in the form of memes. Although it doesn’t last for an extended period amongst the users; however, industries still believe in these long-form content for promoting their products.

Most of the marketing videos that are about a minute or two long create more impact on the user’s mind as compared to any other form of marketing technique. However, with the onset of long-form content, you can also include these contents in the videos to make it more impactful and long-lasting.

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Whether you are introducing these contents in the videos or not, it heavily depends on the run-time and the distribution channel. Such a style of video content offers numerous benefits that can counter the prevailing theories.

Long-form videos provide a platform for marketers to tell stories that allow them to connect with their audiences effectively and emotionally. In today’s world, where customers can compare the prices of the products or services easily with your competitors, having a personal connection with them becomes necessary for businesses.

Videos play an essential role in establishing an emotional connection with the users that, in turn, helps you in gaining their trust.

If you are planning to create these videos and implement them in your marketing strategy, then you must focus on advertising it correctly. As many brands are trying to experiment with these marketing techniques, you will have to come up with a unique and compelling script.

Here are some things that you must remember when you are coming up with a long-form video for your company:

  • Documentary type storytelling –

It means that your script and the flow of the video will have to be in the documentary format. Then, it will help you in connecting with your users emotionally.

  • Educational type or behind the scenes –

Selling your products and services indirectly to the users will help you in generating more qualified leads quickly. If you tend to promote your products and services directly to the users, they might not be interested in watching it. So, plan your strategy correctly and show them the things that happen behind the scenes.

Final Words

As the market is witnessing remarkable growth, videos are playing an essential role in deciding the fate of many companies.

With more than about 80 percent of the traffic that is generated globally comes from videos, it’s important for you to make use of it.

Make sure that you are creative enough to upload the best video content on your website and expand your outreach significantly.

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