9 graphic design trends to watch out in 2020

Graphic design:It’s no hidden fact that in the 21st century nothing is static, and change is a must.So you’re better off betting your bottom dollar that at the start of a new decade, new trends are bound to roll in. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the top nine graphic design trends to watch out for in the year 2020. This way, you get to start the year ahead of the curve and the rest of the graphics design world.

  1. Line Art(Graphic design)

It’s all about bringing the patterns and design of your work alive by going back to the basics. This year, you can expect to see a whole array of projects while keeping it simple and yet elegant with thin lines.

line art(graphic design)

After all, less is more, they say, “For a truly sophisticated and refined approach to drawing attention in your designs”. Pay attention to not only what’s between the lines, but the lines as well. The subtle details will undoubtedly have your designs looking high end and chic in no time.


  1. Work with 3D(Graphic design)

The last decade saw an increase in work with 3D. Well, 2020 is about to bring it bigger and better. You can expect to have your socks, and those of your clients, of course, blown off by the extra layer. 3D illusions are expected to take on a whole new level of hyper-realism this year. By bringing in elements that differentiate textures, even through the screen! Now isn’t that fantastic? You get to work with new layers of fur, metal, plastic and many others. This allows you to create illusions that connect with your audience. Not just visually, but almost tangibly.

  1. Custom illustrations

We can currently see big brands already adapting to this trend. Why wouldn’t they? Excellent illustrations allow you to focus more on content rather than the art. Yet they give just enough art to compliment your content. With isometric illustrations, you can even combine the added effect only a 3D impression can create. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to convey your brand’s image in a style that’s uniquely yours.

  1. Color in with some monochrome

We’re going keeping things minimal in the new decade, and that includes colors. There’s no need to go over the top with the entire color scheme. Or driving yourself crazy, trying to combine three different color patterns without coming off as too loud. Thankfully we’re taking a break from the loud and over the top colors and keeping everything simple and basic with just one color. That’s right, everyone in the graphics design world can now focus on other aspects of the design apart from color, and still have a design that’s just as effective, if not more.

terminology - what is the effect where some objects are a single bright color but the rest is black and white? - photography stack exchange

  1. Playing with gifs

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It’s not unlikely for you to have run into one or two of these cute and short little videos called gifs. Not only are they popular on many social media platforms, but they’re also gaining solid ground in capturing the attention of customers and clients alike on webpages and in email marketing too. It’s not only a creative way to add depth and emotion to your content but also an ingenious way to bring your brand to life. These few seconds of animated texts, shapes, or illustrations are gaining so much popularity, that not using gifs in the upcoming year, could be equivalent to falling behind.

  1. Tailored typography

Typography is often covered in the basics of graphic design because of its importance. It’s not uncommon for brands and companies alike to have set fonts for all their designs and written production. The uniformity creates some familiarity in the audience that works wonders. But apart from distinctively separating your brand from the rest, added layers, like those done with kinetic typography, can work wonders for your design. So don’t be afraid to make your letters bold, move, sing or just be you.

tailored - clean uppercase font | sans serif fonts ~ creative market

  1. Rewind to some old school

While we might be moving forward, some things don’t change. One of them includes our need to look to the past for the warm cozy feelings, we once felt. Well, in the upcoming year, you’ll benefit from feeding your audience’s nostalgic needs. It doesn’t matter what field the design covers; retro is making a comeback. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to thrill your clients with what you both already know and love. A trip or two down memory lane is certainly welcome.

  1. Using muted color patterns

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Just because we mentioned monochrome earlier, doesn’t mean you have to be hasty and dump the idea of dual colors. They’re still very much welcome in smaller doses. Muted colors are your natural colors but with added black and white desaturation. This means they are an excellent choice for neutral backgrounds. This gives the extra advantage of keeping your design as down to earth and natural-looking as possible.

  1. Use media

Using media in your design can be exciting because there’s so much of it. Well this year, prepare to roll up your sleeves and dive in. Visuals are all about bringing your story to life and making the audience buy into it with the different kinds of media available to you. We’ve already highlighted a couple of elements you can experiment with, such as gifs, illustrations, and kinetic typography. But the media consists of so much more. It includes virtually anything from a photograph to a simple animation. The possibilities are about as limited as your imagination.

As you can see, there are many trends to jump on this year, for unique and unconventional designs. Whatever vector art you create in 2020 using these elements, is only limited by your imagination and ability to express yourself with the right platform. So don’t waste another moment, begin perfecting the latest trends to stay ahead of the curves. Use softer lines, play with gifs, experiment with different typography, go back to the basics for colors and go the extra mile with your media.

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