Konami probably isn’t deleting P.T. for Halloween

It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time for a spooky story. This one involves the scariest monster of all time: video game publisher Konami. On a dark and stormy night in the unholy year of 2015, the Metal Gear Solid company pulled its free horror game P.T. (Playable Teaser) from the PlayStation Network. And since then, the publisher has lurked in the shadows waiting for a chance to kill the game for good.
And today, rumors began to spread that sinister force had finally struck. But this doesn’t seem like it’s the case.
P.T. is a teaser for Silent Hills, a horror sequel to the Silent Hill franchise. Konami canceled Silent Hills as part of a retreat from console video games. But its legacy has lived on in the systems of anyone who downloaded P.T. before the publisher expunged it from the store. While Konami pitched P.T. as a glorified game announcement, many people consider it a thrilling horror experience.
But when one person on Reddit tried to boot the game up for Halloween, it would not work. In the information section, they found that it was “ineligible” to start. And ominously, the system said that an update went out for the game on October 22, 2018. People jumped to the conclusion that Konami must’ve pushed out a patch to end the game for good.
Since this initial scare, however, other people have successfully started P.T. It seems like it still works for just about everyone. And if people are encountering errors, it’s possible that it is the result of them changing their names on PlayStation Network. Sony introduced that feature recently, and it warned players that it could break certain games.
I’ve reached out to Konami for more. I’ll update this if it replies. And then I’ll also update if I die seven days after communicating with the company.
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Source: VentureBeat
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