Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs. iPad Pro: Which high-end tablet takes the crown? Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs. iPad Pro

samsung galaxy tab s4 vs. ipad pro
For so many years, the iPad Pro has been redesigned as the go-to tablet for the creatives and professionals. Samsung is trying to come into the market, but the problem lies in the Android, which only offers a few tablet apps which are optimized. The Galaxy Tab S4 is looking to shake up the Android tablet with the Samsung Android desktop mode, which catapults the Tab S4 into the productive machine.
So, let’s compare Galaxy Tab S4 vs. iPad pro(2017):
Performance, Charging and Battery Life
Well, both the devices, Samsung Tablet S4 and iPad Pro should be able to handle all the task that you can imagine on the go. Regarding the processor, the Galaxy Tab S4 is powered and supported by Snapdragon 835 Processor. On the other hand, iPad Pro comes with the Apple A10C Fusion chip. And both the gadgets have 4GB of RAM which is enough for doing multitasking. However, iPad Pro does edge out a win because it has a more powerful processor than the Samsung Tab S4 Snapdragon 835.
When it comes to the battery life, Samsung has claimed that the new Galaxy Tab S4 should last for up to 16 hours of video playback on just a single charging. On the other hand, Apple offers a conservative 10 hours of charging with video playback. The Samsung S4 Tab has a battery capacity of 7300 mAh and iPad Pro has a battery capacity of 8134 mAh.
samsung galaxy tab s4 vs ipad pro which high end tablet takes the crown samsung galaxy tab s4 vs ipad pro 1
Design and Durability
Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and the iPad are gorgeous-looking tablets. As far as durability is concerned, the Galaxy tab S4 loses some points for its glass back and front (Gorilla Glass 3). While Apple iPad Pro has glass over the screen and aluminum on the back part, there is no wireless charging which is present on the tablet.
Samsung comes with a gorgeous Super AMOLED display, while the iPad Pro has a laminated LCD with a 120Ghz refresh rate and color adjusting right tone technology. The high refresh rate makes the scrolling through the apps smooth.
The Samsung Tab S4 has a 13-megapixel camera on the rear and an 8 megapixel camera placed on the front. On the other hand, iPad Pro has a 12 Megapixel camera on its rear part and a 7 Megapixel selfie camera. Cameras are pretty similar in both the devices.
Software and Updates
Samsung has brought its DeX mode on the Galaxy Tab S4 that creates a desktop-like Android experience on the tablet. It also works great with the Samsung Suite of apps and with support for the third party is growing. On the other hand, iPad Pro still relies on the iOS, which can be a great challenge for productivity. The iPad also has a few multitasking features like drag and drop and split screen, but the Samsung DeX mode seems to give a more comfortable seamless experience.
Special Features
When it comes to special features, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and iPad Pro have one major and common special feature – The S pencil and the Apple pencil. Both the stylus allow the user to draw, take notes, and sign documents. The Samsung S newly updated S pen allows you to find a button that will open a list of frequently used apps for quicker access.
The Apple pencil cost $100, and you need to charge it as well. The S pen comes with the Samsung Tab S4, and it does not need charging.
samsung galaxy tab s4 vs ipad pro which high end tablet takes the crown samsung galaxy tab s4 vs ipad pro 2
Well, when it comes to sound quality, the Samsung Tab S4 offers a quad speaker setup that is sure to please the average listener. Samsung Tab S4 offers speakers which are tuned by the AKG with Dolby Atmos Sound.
The iPad pro, on the other hand, also has a quad speaker setup which sounds great and can get plenty loud. On the sound department, Apple iPad Pro takes the win from the Samsung Tab S4.
The Samsung Galaxy tab S4 has been priced at $650 for the 64GB storage model and $750 for the 256GB storage variant. An LTE version is also available, but the pricing is still not available for it yet. Both the models will be available on the 10th of August.
The iPad Pro 10.5 inch comes at the cost of $650 for the 64GB storage model, $800 for the 256GB storage model, and a whopping $1000 if you want to increase your storage to 512GB.
The iPad pro takes the crown of the best tablet. From its slightly more durable design to its superior ultra-processing power, the iPad Pro is the first choice when it comes to a pro tablet. Samsung Tab S4 is also a great tablet which has a new DeX mode which shows a lot of potentials, and if it works well with third-party apps.
Picture Credits: DigitalTrends
Source: Techstory

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