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Top 10 Most Promising Event Management Companies In India 2022


Top 10 Most Promising Event Management Companies In India 2022

Event Management is one of the most predominant sectors nowadays. Its scope, scale, and qualities India have developed continuously, keeping with the times. They organise numerous special events, ceremonies, celebrations, product launches, product presentations, workshops, roadshows, conferences and much more.

 Event management trade in India appreciates a forcing nearness. What started a decade as an INR 28 billion showcase in 2012 has nearly quadrupled over the final decade. Evaluated income from organised events is pegged at INR 100 billion in the year 2021. Event companies have started using digitization making unused energy that will be proclaimed as long-term occasions.

Hybrid events are a new trend set by event management companies in the year 2022. It is the technology of choice to maximise planning virtual and hybrid events. It will focus more on online communities and pre and post-event engagements.

The year 2020 was marked with the arrival of new standards in the event planning industry. After tremendous innovations and changes, the event industry lends hands to a new way of living with efficient software and services to get optimum customer experiences and to meet the client’s goals.

To get you closer to the top companies on the list and to know about them I brief, we present the list of the Top 10 Most Promising Event Management Companies In India 2022

 Top 10 Most Promising Event Management Companies In India 2022:

  • Wizcraft
  • Percept
  • Cineyug
  • Pegasus
  • George P Johnson
  • Geometry Encompass (now VMLY&R)
  • DNA Entertainment Network
  • E-Factor
  • Fountainhead MKTG
  • Tafcon 

Let us learn about them in brief:



Wizcraft Universal Amusement Pvt. Ltd. commenced Wizcraft Emulate (Wizcraft Administration Founded of Media and Amusement) with a special method which comprises of campus instructing, best-in-class online instructors, workshops, live ventures, reenactments and ace classes to support capable competent and committed experts.

It is famous for making first-of-their-kind occasions and encounters Wizcraft Emulate prepares plans with imperative industry aptitudes and live project training, to create a way for an energising career.

Wizcraft Emulate has set unused measures in work since its initiation and over a while, the program has been created to meet the global college benchmarks.

The company specialises in events, exhibitions, occurrences, activations, sports, television, public relations, and digital. With proficiency in planning, organising and practising large-scale events like opening and closing ceremonies of the 19th Commonwealth Games, India’s 50th Independence Celebrations, and the launch of Make in India at the Hannover Messe (2015), this company has been successful in conceptualising, organising and conducting large-scale events.

Creating experiences is what Wizcraft does, believing that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will last a lifetime. Wizcraft proves to be a stepping stone in framing the sector of event management status in India.

Percept Services | Conference Management | Exhibition Organisers | #1st  Best Event Management Company in Lucknow | #1 Corporate Events | Wedding  Event


With over 200 employees and 32 offices in India and the Middle East, Percept Limited, an Entertainment, Media, and Communications company, is in an enviable leadership position today.

Percept companies create tailored content, resources, and solutions that deliver in both domestic and international markets and serve millions of consumers globally.

Percept is an Indian film production company started in 2002 situated in Mumbai. It merged with T-series in the year 2007 and produced films like Dhol, Hanuman, Yahaan, Malamaal Weekly and many more. It produced not less than 5 films in the year 2007-2008.

Some of its awards in 2021 are:

The METTLE Awards 2021 bestow two honours on Percept Live for Sunburn,

‘Sunburn Home Festival 2020’ wins Mettle Award for ‘Use of Technology’,

‘Sunburn for Goa 2020’ Covid-19 Fundraiser Event – ‘Social Impact’ Merit Award,

For multiple Public Service Digital Films created for government agencies fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, Percept H and Percept Pictures receive the BNC COVID Heroes Award 2021 for Excellence in Creative Communication, and

In BW APPLAUSE Awards 2021, Percept Live won the Gold award for ”Best Music Festival” – Sunburn 2020.

Founded in 2017, Concept Services is a powerful Event and Brand Management company based out of Lucknow. They bring a fresh and unique take on the event management industry.

Cineyug Entertainment - YouTube


Cineyug Entertainment Private Limited is a premier entertainment company based in Mumbai. Mohomed Morani Karim Morani founded the company with Aly Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala, and Late Bunty Soorma. Recently, Cineyug announced an alliance with The Walt Disney Company for live entertainment.

In addition to commercial movie production, Live Concerts and Arena Events, Large scale award functions, Brand Management, and Networking Events, television software, live TV shows, and ceremonies are also produced.

In addition to artist management and celebrity endorsements, the company also bids pyrotechnics and special effects services. Live Event Management is one of Cineyug’s strongest areas of expertise. L Cineyug has produced over 2500 LIVE events and concerts, some of which have been the largest produced amongst all the Indian companies.

So far, it has reached over 1 billion television viewers globally and over 2 million live audiences through its concerts and events.

Cineyug film trade has been fuelled by motion pictures like Arjun, Vardi, Dum and the grant-winning Raja Hindustani and Damini. Innovations in services and ceremonies enhance the company’s lead over stages with an aim of development and engagement.

Pegasus Events Pvt Ltd - Corporate Video - YouTube


Pegasus provides occasion administrations to companies from diverse industries. It is one of the premier corporate event management companies that deliver services across India, South East Asia and the Middle East. 

They have a tremendous merchant organisation of Inns and help in giving the most proficiently fetched compelling services and events to their clients. It aims to adjust your occasion goals with advanced concepts and to provide imagination and locks in events to their participants.

Despite that, they focus equally on weddings and other personal events.

They believe in two key roles:

First, they suggest the best options and ways for the client’s event. And secondly, they do it in a very cost-effective and budgeted manner.

What makes them unique is their experience and expertise, vendor network, cost-effectiveness and transparency.

The event services they offer vary from virtual events, conceptualisation, event video production, event production, event management to corporate gifting services.

Their service portfolio is adapted constantly to provide the best customer experiences

It works with companies and industries for conferences, seminars, pieces of training and exhibition stall fabrications. It organises private and industry award ceremonies, from physical launch, digital launch, one which uses 3D Mapping or Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality to roadshows.

George P. Johnson (GPJ) India Bags Alfresco's Event Marketing Account

 George P Johnson

GPJ has the proper mix of inventive strength, vital consideration, and a tenacious commitment to substantially reinforcing the clients’ brands at each interaction. They are a portion of the Extend Around the world office arrangement.

The company is the fastest-growing company with entirely claimed offices globally involving more than 2,000 full-time workers.

The services delivered vary from strategy and research, data and audience marketing, creative and design, film and video, digital and cool tech, to project management and production.

A group of experts and gifted 100+ group, headed by Rasheed Sait (VP / Overseeing Chief), conveys more than 700 occasions, shows and actuations yearly for clients in IT, Car, Buyer Hardware, Telecom and Healthcare divisions, in more than 80 cities and towns.

GPJ India specialises in making inventive, fruitful, results-driven, award-winning encounter promoting programs that improve promoting people and enact brands.

They created the ultimate guitar experience for all the music lovers along with the Gibson brand. It worked with HARMAN for several years providing unique in-car audio systems and digital cockpits.

GPJ newly partnered with and expanded more into the travel industry. They are together introducing Click.21 for all the hybrid events coming ahead.

The future of GPJ is associated with NISSAN introducing 10 new models in the U.S. Market.

Some of its clients include IBM, Oppo, ICDRI, Facebook, Google and AWS.


Geometry Encompass (now VMLY&R)

When a few companies are front-runners for the most recent patterns, others set the patterns to take after. That’s how a Geometry Envelop can be best portrayed. The experiential promoting organisation has continuously grasped current hones and kept ahead of the requests of the day.

As a result, the company looks to capitalise on client encounters and offer strides in engagement and permeability with its advanced screens. Even though in commerce since 1998, Geometry Envelop has made waves since its procurement by WPP.

In 2018, they joined two finished promoting and communication companies — VML and Y&R — to convey modern, completely coordinated advertising on a worldwide scale. In 2020, VMLY&R joined powers with Geometry to make VMLY&R COMMERCE, an unused end-to-end “Creative Commerce Company” that works as an unmistakable company inside VMLY&R.

Nowadays, VMLY&R flourishes on making work that brings individuals together, joined together by the control of the human association. We harness creativity, innovation, and culture to form associated brands that drive esteem for our clients and touch lives globally. in 2008.

They cover all corners of the world From London to Kansas City and Sydney, having more than 12000 individuals providing service in 100+ regions worldwide.

DNA ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS PVT LTD Reviews, Employee Reviews, Careers,  Recruitment, Jobs, Salaries, Contact Number, Address –

DNA Entertainment Network

DNA Amusement Systems Private Restricted is India’s driving occasion administration company. DNA, as they’ve come to be prevalently known nowadays, has been built by the visionary Dr T. Venkat Vardhan with undertaking, brilliance and advancement as its centre columns.

Their humble journey started in 1987. By creating extraordinary live excitement, don and corporate encounters, they’ve reliably broken unused ground and earned acknowledgement as one of India’s most reliable universal occasion coordinators over South-East Asia. The list of their clients served include ICICI Banks, Canara bank, Hotstar, jio and so on.

 DNA aims to improve educational opportunities for underprivileged children. The Pre-University Course & First Grade College of Golden Valley Education Trust provided free mid-day meals for all students during the 2016-17 academic year. Students were also offered scholarships and hostel fees subsidies during the 2017-18 academic year.

In the academic year 2018-19, the Sunbird trust provided aid and support to 25 underprivileged students from the North East in Bangalore, taking care of their academic fees, rent allowances, scholarships and hostel fees. Additionally, DNA also offers 120 students full sports scholarships for their education.

Some of its organised famous sports events include – Prime Volleyball League (Feb 22, Hyderabad), TNPL (July 21, Chennai), RC Playbold(Feb 2021), multicity and so on.

Some of its famous music events include Bangalore Mirror FiveSixZero EDM Festival(Nove 2017, Bangalore), Yanni(Jan 2013) and so on.

Top Event Management Company in India | E-Factor Experiences Ltd.


E factor is India’s leading event planner that offers full-service solutions for creating unique event experiences, right from the design of a mood board to managing, planning, and executing a function.

Regardless of how daunting the guest list might be or how unlikely the wishes of their clients might seem, they are there to make dreams come true. Customer testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to professional excellence paired with a personal touch that makes them the best event management company in India.

E-Factor was founded in 2000-2001. Objected to build a company that can stand out as a super-specialized service provider in its category. The company is known for its awe-inspiring setups and formats, as well as its personalised client service. Whether it’s for corporate events or social events, they provide end-to-end solutions.

With in-house pieces of equipment that is fully developed and functional, they are a 34-person team. Expert and highly qualified designers add that spice to our platter of deliverables. Corporate offices are based in New Delhi and Jaipur and extend into the Middle East, South East, and Europe, giving our work and thought to process a global perspective.

It has completed 20 years of tremendous journey involving 19 countries, more than 816 events and winning 132 awards. The company stands amongst the Top 10 Event Management Companies of India.

DAN merges Fountainhead with psLIVE to form Fountainhead-MKTG | Advertising  | Campaign India

Fountainhead MKTG

MKTG is a global community marketing agency, involving pioneers in entertainment and sports sponsorship, live events, retail marketing, and B2B engagement. With headquarters in New York City, we employ over 1,300 people with 7,000 brand ambassadors across 29 offices in 16 countries. 

MKTG seeks to build great, emotionally effective life experiences for world-class brands through sports sponsorship, live events, retail marketing, b2b engagement, and hospitality.b2b entertainment, sports, retail, b2-b engagement, and hospitality market.

Currently, an international advertising firm Dentsu Aegis bought Fountainhead entertainment. It has signed the deal in mid-October and now involves five brands- Fountainhead Events, Oranjuice Entertainment, Fountainhead Activations, Fountainhead Corporate Journeys and Fountainhead Digital.

. The most value to our clients, am mort marketing is committed to excellence -strategic, artistic, geographical and, ultimately, we provide a unique service around the world. 

Tafcon Projects India Pvt. Ltd.


Tafcon has hosted many international exhibitions and events both in India and overseas, including Mining, Minerals, Metals, Materials, Defence, Heat Treatment, Foundry, Manufacturing, Surface Engineering, Paints & Coating, Packaging, Printing, Environment, Paper, Beauty, Lifestyle, Tot Teen & Mom, Education, Medical & Healthcare, Poultry, Dairy & Food Technology, Travel & Tourism, etc, since its initiation in the year 2021.

The main focus is on professionally planned and organised trade fairs, ensuring that each member of the TAFCON has expertise in planning and organising trade and events exceptionally.

The company leads the process of organising trade fairs for the promotion of products and ceremonies throughout the country and internationally.

TAFFCON strives to help India achieve new heights. Therefore, it plays a critical role in facilitating technology transfer and promoting intra and interregional trade. Central and state government ministries support many of the International events organized by TAFCON.

Creating a long journey, they have set another benchmark for the trade fairs marking the importance of traditions and culture in this modern era.

Its industry sector includes Mining & Mining Machinery, Minerals, Metals, Metallurgy and Materials, Material Engineering Technology (Defence, Transport, Energy), Packaging & Allied Industry, Mother Care, Oil & Gas Technology and LifeStyle.


Event management is one of those businesses where the progress of the company depends upon the victory of the occasions experienced by them. There are various things that an event management company do from providing a variety of resources, services and experiences.

They assure you smooth running of your event irrespective of the nature or purpose of the event is. India encompasses a great number of companies that take up the duty beautifully, modestly and donate in great and enthusiastic events to their clients. From the above facts and data, it is proved ta not only brands but any direct and indirect marketing companies takes the aid of event management companies to launch, advertise a product and celebrate or organise events.

Evolving since years, the event management industry has become a cockcrow industry in the Indian economy. Finally, these are the best occasion administrators in India. They will help you with organising your events and make the most memorable of all.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma








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