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Why Is IndiGo India’s Most Unsafe Airline? Why DGCA & Aviation Ministry Do Not Suspend The License Of Indigo But Are Happy To Play With The Lives Of 100s Of People

IndiGo’s haunting reality – imagine you are 1000 feet above the ground, and the aircraft you are travelling in runs out of fuel.

The once reassuring hum of the engines faintly fades into an eerie silence as panic grips the cabin. The realization dawns that your life hangs dangerously in the balance, at the mercy of decisions made by those in control.

This nightmare scenario became a bone-chilling reality for passengers aboard IndiGo flight 6E2702, transforming what was supposed to be a routine journey from Ayodhya to Delhi into a harrowing tale of terror in the skies.

On Saturday, April 13, the tranquillity of those travelling on the IndiGo flight was shattered as this fateful flight was in a potentially catastrophic situation.

What began as a routine departure swiftly escalated into a heart-stopping ordeal, leaving passengers trembling with fear and uncertainty as their aircraft flirted dangerously with disaster.

One of the traumatized passengers, Satish Kumar, took to social media to recount the harrowing events that unfolded thousands of feet above the ground.

According to Kumar, the flight departed Ayodhya as scheduled, with aspirations of a timely arrival in Delhi. However, as the journey progressed, ominous clouds of concern began to gather on the horizon.

Approximately 15 minutes before the anticipated touchdown in Delhi, the pilot delivered a disquieting message to the already apprehensive passengers.

Citing adverse weather conditions as the culprit, the pilot announced that their intended destination was no longer feasible.
Instead, what followed was a nerve-wracking sequence of events as the aircraft circled alarmingly above the city, desperately seeking a safe haven amidst the turbulent skies.

Despite the pilot’s assurances of an alternative landing site, the situation took a turn for the worse as fuel levels dwindled perilously low and with each passing moment, the once spacious cabin seemed to shrink, suffocating under the weight of impending doom.

Imagine the plight of the passengers!

As the clock ticked mercilessly onward, passengers felt a paralyzing fear grip them, their minds haunted by the possibility of a potential tragedy unfolding before their very eyes.

It wasn’t until the eleventh hour, after two futile attempts to land amidst the turbulent weather, that the pilot reluctantly made the decision to divert the flight to Chandigarh.

Yet, even in the face of imminent danger, precious minutes were wasted in a haze of indecision and uncertainty.

The delay proved to be a cruel twist of fate, pushing both passengers and crew to the brink of despair as they rocked on the precipice of a catastrophe.

As the aircraft descended towards Chandigarh Airport, the passenger’s collective sigh of relief was short-lived, overshadowed by the grim reality of their narrow escape.

A crucial fact to be known only upon touchdown was that they understood the full extent of their endangerment becoming apparent, with revelations that they had skirted the edge of disaster with a mere two minutes of fuel to spare.

The gravity of their situation was not lost on anyone aboard, as the chilling realization dawned that they had been mere moments away from a potentially fatal outcome.

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The Touchdown To Safety
After this harrowing ordeal, questions are lingering yet again like a dark cloud over the reputation of IndiGo, India’s largest and supposedly safest airline.

With fingers pointed and accusations flying, the spotlight turned towards the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, demanding answers to why such blatant disregard for safety protocols had been allowed to unfold.

Retired pilot Shakti Lumba minced no words in condemning the actions of IndiGo, labelling the incident as a “serious safety breach” that warranted a thorough investigation.

However, he is not alone in his impassioned plea, which echoed the sentiments of many as calls for accountability have resonated throughout the aviation community.

Yet, with the clamour for justice and restitution, one haunting question remains unanswered, something that has been covered here extensively – Why does IndiGo continue to operate with impunity, despite playing fast and loose with the lives of hundreds of passengers?

IndiGo’s Dismal Record

The unsettling reality of compromised safety standards, IndiGo, has found itself with a track record marred by an alarming frequency of air safety issues.

With a staggering 52 reported incidents over the past decade, including accidents, the airline has etched its name as a frontrunner in serious aviation mishaps, with 35 incidents occurring between 2013 and 2023.

This disturbing pattern of IndiGo serves as a troubling reflection of broader challenges; of particular concern are the persistent lapses in safety protocols and the escalating discontent among passengers, whose trust in the industry’s ability to ensure their safety hangs precariously in the balance.

As a major industry player, IndiGo’s failure to uphold safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has drawn significant scrutiny, casting a shadow over its reputation and stressing the urgent need for stringent regulatory oversight.

IndiGo’s vivacious declarations starkly contrast with the ongoing decline in its services, putting passenger safety and satisfaction at risk at 33,000 feet; eroding the trust passengers have in the airline.

The true gauge of an airline’s worth is found in its adherence to service quality standards, a responsibility IndiGo appears to be neglecting gravely. Despite this regrettable reality, the airline persists in committing serious errors.

Is Flying IndiGo Still a Wise Choice?
The erosion of trust and reputation among passengers raises significant doubts about the wisdom of choosing IndiGo for air travel, as substantial evidence indicates customers’ profound distrust for this airline.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of prioritizing customer satisfaction and safety, IndiGo’s overburdened staff and fatigued pilots only serve to heighten concerns. Similarly, instances of misbehaviour, both in flight and on the ground, have further deepened the unease.

The demanding schedules imposed on pilots not only raise questions about their alertness during flights but also fuel doubts about potential compromises on critical operations.

As seen in the latest instance, such compromises cast a sinister shadow over passengers’ flight experiences, leaving them apprehensive throughout their journeys.

As a prominent figure in the aviation industry, IndiGo bears the responsibility not only to meet regulatory standards but also to uphold ethical principles. However, IndiGo has neglected its moral duty to prioritize customer service by downplaying and dismissing customer safety, complaints and concerns.

The Last Bit, As the dust settled on this terrifying ordeal, a chilling truth emerged for those aboard flight 6E2702, the line between life and death had been drawn, leaving them to ponder the safety of flying IndiGo.

IndiGo’s challenges in terms of persistent safety issues, flight delays, and reported pilot issues reveal a noticeable discrepancy when measured against international standards. The gaps in IndiGo’s practices are all too evident.

As the aviation industry becomes increasingly interconnected and competitive, aligning with global benchmarks and safety standards is not just a matter of reputation but a necessity for ensuring the airline’s sustainability and trustworthiness in the eyes of passengers and industry regulators alike – IndiGo, for now, has a long way to go in all of these crucial aspects.

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