Why DGCA & Aviation Ministry Must Suspend & Revoke Indigo Airline License. Indigo India’s Most Unsafe, Dangerous & Notorious Airline

Slapgate In Indigo

Recently Indigo- India’s Most Unsafe & Dangerous Airline was again in news when one of the passenger of Indigo airline sahil kataria slapped the pilot of the airline after the 13 hours delay.


The woman Evgenia Belskaia, a Russian model and actress based in India who recorded the video told media that it was the pilot who instigated sahil kataria and they all were waiting in the place for more than 4-5 hours for the pilot to arrive. In total they had waited for the plane to take off for more than 13 hours.

What Happened In This Slapgate By Sahil Kataria

A passenger on an IndiGo flight was arrested after he assaulted a pilot when he was making an announcement regarding a delay in takeoff at the Delhi airport, police said on Monday.

A purported video of the incident, which took place Sunday, surfaced on social media and showed Sahil Katariya hitting the pilot as he was making the announcement inside the aircraft, which was bound for Goa.

The flight took off from Delhi at 6 pm after a delay of more than 10 hours, according to flight tracking website flightradar24.

The incident happened on a day dense fog majorly impacted operations at the Delhi airport leading to many flights being diverted, cancelled or delayed.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said unruly passenger behaviour is unacceptable and “will be dealt with strongly” in line with existing legal provisions.
According to him, aviation regulator DGCA will issue an SOP (standard operating procedure) for airlines on better communication and facilitation of passengers to minimise discomfort in view of flight cancellations and delays due to adverse weather.

In a statement, the airline said a passenger “assaulted” the co-pilot and that the matter had been referred to an independent internal committee for his inclusion in the “no-fly list”.

Katariya could be heard saying that they had been sitting in the plane for long and that they should be allowed to deboard if it was not taking off.

DGCA after this incident has issued some guidelines to the airlines for the safe onboarding of the passengers but DGCA has not taken any action on the airline. This is not the first time Indigo Airline has been in the news for their notorious behaviour.

We are hereby compiling some past incidents happened in Indigo airlines and DGCA has never taken any strong action on the airline.

This time after this slapgate, public at large is asking DGCA to suspend the license of Indigo Airline for this arrogant behavior but due to the monopoly of the Airline In Indian Aviation sector, even government is helpless and is unable to take any strict action on the airline.


IndiGo passenger assault

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Malfunction in Engine

PV Sindhu claiming the airlines as ‘bad and rude’

Comedian Kapil Sharma calling the airlines as ‘shameless’

Parliamentary Committee pulls up IndiGo for rude behaviour from staff

IndiGo fined Rs 5 lakh for not letting special needs child board

Indigo staff misehaves with a woman

Actor Jasmin Bhasin calls out the airlines for ‘carelessness’

Two IndiGo planes see Pratt engines shutdown in-flight

Customer treated with disrespect

Olympian Shrihari Nataraj slams the airlines for ‘misbehaviour’

Passengers discovering live worm in a sandwich offered by the airline

Passenger shares ‘worst experience’ for cancelling a flight

Baggage damaged and stolen on flight

Leaves bag of 37 flyers without prior notice

Constant Engine problems

Indigo staff manhandles a customer

Many have also claimed that DGCA is not taking any action on Indigo because either they are bribed or threatened by Indigo Airlines. What action would be taken by DGCA is their approach towards the citizen of India but once again this one more incident has proved that Indigo Airline Is India’s Most Unsafe & Dangerous Airline.

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