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Air India Implements New Rostering System: Crew Empowered to Swap Flights Starting August

Air India Implements New Rostering System: Crew Empowered to Swap Flights Starting August

Air India, the full-service carrier promoted by the Tata group, is set to implement a new rostering system starting in August. The new system will provide greater flexibility to the airline’s crew, allowing them to swap flights and choose their preferred accommodation during layovers.

The introduction of the new crew pairing module last month paved the way for the implementation of the Jeppesen-built rosters, which will be deployed across Air India’s fleets starting in August. The CEO and MD of Air India, Campbell Wilson, shared this information with employees through the mail.

This new rostering system is expected to improve crew scheduling and enhance the overall experience for Air India’s crew members. By offering more options for flight swaps and accommodation choices, the airline aims to provide greater convenience and flexibility to its crew during their work assignments.

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According to Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD of Air India, the implementation of the new rostering system is expected to bring several benefits to the airline’s crew. These include:

  1. Earlier Rosters: The system is designed to generate rosters more efficiently, allowing the crew to receive their schedules earlier. This will provide them with better visibility and planning for their work assignments.
  2. Improved Integrity of “Golden Offs”: The new system aims to ensure that the crew’s scheduled days off, often referred to as “golden offs,” are better protected and maintained. This will help create a healthier work-life balance for the crew members.
  3. Enhanced Standby Provisioning: The rostering system will optimize the allocation of standby duties, reducing the need for last-minute call-ups and providing more predictability to the crew’s schedules.
  4. Equitable Earnings: Over time, the new system is expected to result in more equitable earnings for the crew. By considering various factors and distributing work assignments fairly, the system aims to create a balanced and consistent earnings structure for the crew members.

These improvements in rostering and scheduling are intended to enhance the overall working experience for Air India’s crew, leading to better job satisfaction and operational efficiency within the airline.

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Air India plans to gradually introduce additional features in its new rostering system. These features include flight swapping and the ability to register flight or layover preferences. By allowing crew members to exchange flights and choose assignments according to their preferences, the system aims to provide greater flexibility and improve job satisfaction.

The airline intends to roll out these features progressively over the coming months, allowing crew members to gradually benefit from the enhanced functionality of the system. This approach will help Air India accommodate individual preferences and needs while ensuring efficient crew scheduling.

Furthermore, Air India aims to release over 500 new crew members into service each month. This initiative is intended to reinstate full crew complements and accelerate training, thereby enhancing the operational capacity and efficiency of the airline.

By implementing these changes, Air India aims to improve crew scheduling, enhance crew experience, and optimize its overall operations.

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Campbell Wilson, CEO, and MD of Air India emphasized that the implementation of the new rostering system is a substantial investment that the company believes is worthwhile. The system aims to bring about several improvements, including greater equity among the crew, a more stable work-life balance, and the accommodation of individual preferences.

By providing crew members with the ability to have more control over their schedules and preferences, Air India expects to enhance job satisfaction and overall efficiency. The new system is designed to optimize crew operations, ensure better accommodation of crew preferences, and improve the robustness and efficiency of the airline’s operations as a whole.

The investment in the new rostering system reflects Air India’s commitment to creating a more equitable and efficient work environment for its crew members, ultimately leading to improved service for passengers.

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Air India’s plans to recruit a significant number of cabin crew and pilots in 2023 demonstrate the airline’s efforts to address the crew shortages it has been facing. The recruitment of 4,200 cabin crew and 900 pilots indicates the airline’s commitment to maintaining a sufficient workforce to operate its flights smoothly and efficiently.

The need for last-minute adjustments with the crew highlights the challenges Air India has been facing in maintaining its crew complements. By recruiting additional cabin crew and pilots, the airline aims to alleviate these issues and ensure that it can meet its operational requirements effectively.

Air India’s order of 470 planes indicates its intention to expand its fleet and enhance its capacity in the coming years. To support this growth, the airline will likely need to continue recruiting cabin crew and pilots to keep pace with the increasing demands of its operations.

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Overall, the recruitment plans for cabin crew and pilots by Air India reflect the airline’s commitment to addressing crew shortages, improving operational efficiency, and expanding its services in the future.



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