Research Says That Absalane Might Be Able To Control The Spread Of Coronavirus Within The Body


American researchers have detected such medicine that will prevent the spread of coronavirus within the body after the infection is detected. This medicine already exists in medical science. It will now be used to treat COVID-19. The name of the drug is Absalane. It is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder and hearing loss.

The University of Chicago in America has done new research on this drug. According to the researchers – the drug will control enzymes that spread the coronavirus in the human body.

This medicine will reduce the number of critical patients suffering from COVID-19. Even though this medicine is not a full-proof cure to treat the contagion, but it is highly helpful in containing the disease in the human body, which will help in containing the spread of the virus within the body.

According to a published research report in the journal Science Advances – an enzyme called M-Pro is extremely helpful in preventing coronavirus from being replicated. This RNA forms the spike protein of the corona. Corona increases the number in the body with the help of M-Pro enzyme. Therefore, the patient’s condition becomes critical. Now scientists will control this enzyme and treat it.

The drug will be like a weapon against Corona

According to researcher Juan de Pablo – the drug team has discovered that it will act as a weapon against Corona’s enzyme M-Pro. A chemical named Absalane will be used to control it. It has features like antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative. This will prevent cells from being destroyed. It is already being used in diseases like bipolar and hearing loss. This medicine has proved to be very effective in treating these diseases.

In the case of COVID-19, the drug works in two ways
According to researchers, clinical trials have proven that Absalane is safe for humans. Now it can be used in the treatment of the disease.

Trying to mark more medicines
According to the researchers, they are currently detecting the proteins of the corona that make the condition of the infected vulnerable. With this, the new threats of the virus will be detected and their treatment will be found.

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