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Petrol-Diesel Became Expensive For the Eighth Consecutive Day, Petrol Reached Near Rs 83/ Liter in Mumbai

Oil marketing companies raised petrol and diesel prices in the country for the eighth consecutive day on Sunday. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest Oil marketing company, the price of petrol in the national capital Delhi today rose 62 paise to Rs 75.78 per liter, the highest level since January 13 this year. The price of diesel also rose 64 paise to Rs 74.03 per liter, the highest level since 28 October 2018. This is the biggest increase in eight days.

Despite the decline in Crude oil, the price is Increasing Continuously

Domestic petrol and diesel prices are increasing daily, despite the decline in crude oil prices by more than seven percent in the international market in the last week. In eight days, petrol in Delhi has become expensive by Rs 4.52 i.e. 6.34 percent and diesel Rs 4.64 i.e. 6.69 percent.
During this period, Brent crude futures of crude oil has become 7.02 percent cheaper in the international market. Its price fell from $ 42.07 per barrel to $ 39.04 per barrel. After six weeks, Brent crude prices have seen a weekly decline.

Petrol Crossed Rs 82 per liter in Mumbai, Indeed this is beyond Shocking!

Petrol price rose by 59 paise to 77.64 rupees in Kolkata, 60 paise to 82.70 rupees in Mumbai, and 54 paise to 79.53 rupees per liter in Chennai. Diesel went up by 57 paise to Rs 69.80 in Kolkata, 61 paise up by Rs 72.64 in Mumbai and Rs 72.18 per liter in Chennai by 54 paise.

Petrol-diesel price in four major metros of the country

Mahanagar  Petrol Diesel (Rupees per liter)
Delhi 75.78 74.03
Kolkata 77.64 69.80
Mumbai 82.70 72.64
Chennai 79.53 72.18
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