Telegram To Compete With Zoom For Video Conferencing!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, video calling apps are the need of the hour. Schools, offices and almost every institution is working solely on the basis of video calling. Meetings are taking place; deals are being sealed and exams are being conducted through this virtual software usage. More and more tech giants are trying to incorporate the video calling facility in their normal panel that they offer.  

The video conferencing app, zoom, has been making a lot of name lately. Sometimes in a positive way and other times in a negative way. There have been times when the viability of the app has been questioned. The founder of the app has himself said that he never thought that the app would gain so much popularity and go forward. Maybe this is the reason why there are so many technical glitches and privacy issues associated with the app. People have resorted to other private and secure video conferencing software’s but when it comes to group chats, zoom has been the last resort.

This popular app will now have a new competitor as the messaging app Telegram is all set to launch its video calling services. Telegram is also a very popular app and is gaining a lot of customer base at the moment. Benefits of telegram are:

  • It has high security as it offers more security than any other messenger apps, and the secret chat using encryption is the basic measure of high-level security.
  • It offers the highest level of folders for sharing information. One can send and receive up to 1024MB.
  • The app has instant support for an assistance which is needed. Telegram users can contact the company for any kind of questions.
  • It has no ads which leads to having a hassle-free communication channel.

Now this company, telegram, has announced a major thing. The company has given a statement where it states that the app is developing a video calling feature that will be launched later this year. they have also announced that they have officially reached the customer base of 400 million users per month.  

Referring to the zoom app issue, they have claimed that they are developing a secure and usable videoconferencing zone.

“Video calls in 2020 are much like messaging in 2013. There are apps that are either secure or usable, but not both. We’d like to fix that,” the messaging app said in a statement.’

The company hasn’t commented on the big issue of the number of users in the video chat app but it is predicted that it will match the level set by zoom app. Recently WhatsApp has also said that they would increase the group video call facility to 8 members from the maximum limit of 4. Facebook has stated that they have started a video calling service by the name of  Messenger Room that allows as many as 50 participants to join a video call. Google meet is also a popular video chat app but there are various restrictions when it comes to that. There needs to be a new platform like telegram which can dismantle the monopoly created by zoom app.

Only new giants like telegram can come and break up this monopoly that has been created.

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