After the victory, Mamata Banerjee says will move to top court against the poll body

After gaining a victory in the West Bengal 2021, Mamata Banerjee has made a public remark saying that she would move to the top court against the poll body. She said that she was sure that BJP wouldn’t even get 70 seats, and if they manage to get 75-80 seats, that will be because of the ECI.

Mamata Banerjee accused Central forces of torturing the villagers by forcing them to vote for a particular candidate and taking away the right to vote freely. The Election Commission had posted officers according to their interests and choice and restored to their rowdy behavior. Will move top court against Election Commission observers, says Mamata | Cities News,The Indian Express

Mamata Banerjee said the reason for moving to the court against the Election Commission of India is their “bad behavior” with her party during the West Bengal election.

Mamata Banerjee claimed that three retired officers could not control the democracy and further said that the behavior of the Election Commission during the whole process of election was very bad with her and her party members. This behavior shows that democracy doesn’t exist in the country. She remarked that three men who are retired officers and are nominated have no right to control the democracy. 

The party has even alleged that the electronic voting machines tampered with false and invalid votes of the BJP, and even the postal ballots were counted wrong. This claim was made after Mamata Banerjee lost at Nandigram to BJP leader Suvendhu Adhikari by 1956 votes.

Nandigram was a high-profile case as Trinamool Congress was hoping for a big win there. The party with its three members even met chief electoral officer Aariz Aftab in Kolkata on Sunday, demanding the recount of votes at Nandigram. It is said that such demand is being made to ensure that the holy process of elections occurs correctly and lawfully. The Election Commission refused to follow the request and rejected it. 

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After winning a heavy victory at Bengal but losing at Nandigram with few votes, Mamata remarked further that the Election Commission of India fought with her and her team members in the same manner as the BJP spokesperson fights. She even claimed that no one believed her when she remarked that there was something wrong in counting votes in Nandigram, and the ballots were looted there.

To prove her accusations were correct, she asked how it is possible that the whole state is voting for one person and only one area is giving different votes. She was further accused of servers being stopped for three hours. She said that the winner had been announced and then was taken back. She is sure that some cheating is going on. She reported that she and her party would be filing a case against them and fighting it in court. Alleged Attack On West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee: Supreme Court Refuses To Entertain Plea Seeking CBI Probe, Asks To Approach High Court

When asked the senior Election Commission members in Kolkata regarding this allegation, they refused to comment.

BJP’s state vice president, Jay Prakash Majumdar, said they could not comment on any allegations against the Election Commission. He said that the poll panel might comment. He even said that the party would look into all the details and see where they went wrong and which areas they are lacking and will try to improve them and be ready for the next battle. 

It has been a continuous trend of the Trinamool Congress party to attack the commission by remarking that it works for the BJP. TMC, even after winning the 3rd term elections, is putting allegations regarding the ECI, who they feel has been working at the “behest of the BJP” and even said that the poll watchdog was “compromised.” Prashant Kishor, who has played an essential role in shaping the TMCs campaign, remarked that ECI has been working as an extension of BJP”. Mamata Banerjee may challenge Nandigram verdict in court | Elections News – India TV

The Election Commission has been in controversy throughout the election period, starting with the long duration of the election to not agreeing to the opposition’s demand to stop the election in the last three phases due to the COVID 19 crisis. 

Let us see what happens if Mamata Banerjee goes to court! 

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Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee


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