The Buffett Legacy: The Path to Wealth Management Excellence

SSV Capital Ltd. is an award winning asset manager that was founded in 2020 by Mr. Ankur Ghosh, who serves as the Founder & CEO, and co-founded by Mrs. Ishita Ghosh, the Vice President of HR. Alongside four other founding members of the management team, they established the company with a clear vision in mind: to foster a prosperous future for their clients, employees, and the world at large.


Drawing on their extensive expertise in financial services, the dedicated team at SSV Capital Ltd. is driven by their core values of Sustainability, Social responsibility, and Versatility, which serve as the guiding principles behind all their decisions and objectives.

As a foundation for all of their decisions and goals, they adhere to sustainable and ethically upright choices. They work in three industries: Banking Fintech, Real Estate-Proptech, and Funds. The radical growth of digital payments and an unprecedented shift in transaction patterns from cash to digital payments, have already defined the gigantic future that digital payment applications hold.

SSV’s Smartplay enables users to make trouble-free and safe transactions, thereby ensuring cost-effective solutions for businesses that can save up to 70% on their transaction costs. Along with digital payments, SSV Capital is familiar with the shifting market for real estate during inflationary periods.

In order to avoid the risks associated with real estate, SSV Capital invests their money into high-yield commercial and retail properties across the globe through a proptech platform. Additionally, SSV Funds promote hassle-free investment opportunities for maximum wealth.


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SSV Capital’s unique strategy thrives on offering clients the opportunity to acquire maximum wealth even during changing market conditions. What makes SSV distinctive are their profit-oriented products, which are firmly grounded in their fundamental principles of ethics and sustainability. Their comprehensive knowledge of the financial sector allows them to curate products to promote what they call the triple P guidelines, which include People, Planet, and Prosperity.

When asked about their immediate plans, they mentioned their intention to open up new markets in the United States, Australia, and India. In a bold move to capitalize on the digital revolution, SSV Capital has committed a substantial investment of 100 crore INR in both neobanking payment platforms and commercial properties in India. This strategic decision aims to leverage the growing popularity of neobanks and their disruptive fintech services.

By injecting capital into these innovative platforms, they seek to reshape the traditional banking landscape and enhance financial inclusion. Simultaneously, their significant foray into commercial properties promises to diversify their portfolio and generate steady, long-term income streams. With this visionary approach, SSV Capital positions itself at the forefront of the evolving financial and real estate markets, poised for sustained growth and prosperity.

Additionally, they outlined their objectives to broaden product distribution, build a stronger customer base, and raise brand awareness. When asked about the potential risks and challenges, SSV capital mentioned the unpredictability of the market and the regulatory environment. Both of these issues stand as barriers to their investment goals. The ever-shifting regulatory rules pose a challenge for compliance and make it difficult to keep up with the guidelines.

However, SSV Capital explains that their efficient team members are highly experienced in managing risks and problems and are committed to delivering excellence. SSV Capital’s philosophy encompasses seamless communication with clients, extensive research, a diversified portfolio, and sustainability-driven investment. SSV Capital ensures a client-centric approach by positioning clients at the top and delivering superior assistance.

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SSV Capital Ltd, Member of London Chamber of Commerce & Industry has just been awarded as the “Best Fintech & Real Estate Investment Firm 2023”.

“Best Multi-Class Asset Management Company 2023”

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