10 Important Tips before Attending a Career Oriented Webinar

To get into the industry, attending a career webinar as a student is important before starting. These give the student a sneak peek into the working of the company, the industry and how they co-relate together. It is so important to attend these, not only to get into these companies but to be able to know what the real industries look for and hone your skills further. Career webinars are held in most places or universities for students to apply for jobs, and employers to recruit. 

Firstly, it makes it easier for you to access these companies, and understand their ins and outs from their representatives. Since it is an early time, students can attend a career webinar and receive feedback on their portfolios and CVs. 

They are provided by a range of options to select from and at times, it could mess up with your thought process in an already crowded area. 

Here is a checklist for you to follow before you head to your career webinar:

Bring your essentials to the career webinar

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It is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. When you are heading to a weminar make sure that you have all your documents ready. Your document file should primarily include your resume, letters of recommendation, references, portfolio, certifications, and contact details. Keep a good amount of photocopies of all the things mentioned in the list so that you do not have to fall less while providing to the employers. Make sure that you do not bring items into the webinar that are prohibited, for example, a juice box or food.

Research thoroughly before going to the career webinar

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Every action is carried out well with a strong foundation, which is the research in this case. When the webinar is announced, take your time to look at these companies and research them. Try to understand how they started, what are the company values, what is the company’s reputation in the industry and why; and what kind of job profile are they putting up. Asking such in-depth questions will give you a clear idea of where you want to apply. Make sure you read about all of the reputed companies, so you do not miss out on applying to them.

Dress for the win

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Attending a career webinar is also you putting your first impression forward. Every company looks at the way you are dressed. The sole reason being that each employee represents their company outside of the office. Firstly, select what kind of company you are applying to and dress accordingly. Many public career webinars are generally formal only, While, those organized by the universities or colleges might allow campus wear. However, you could have an upper hand and dress in business casuals. This is that one time in a million, where you wear your freshly ironed clothing. 

Get your map for the whole career webinar

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Before heading to the webinar, keep your location ready in place. The companies always publicly put up their stall numbers, and where to find them, so make use of this. Make a map of how you want to go about doing this. Do not just make it in ascending order. Be strategic, use your research to determine which company might get the most crowded, and then plan your timings. Plan in such a way that you get to speak one-on-one with the employers and representatives because they will give you maximum details. 

Make a priority list of what you need to do 

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As mentioned above, your map will help you to strategically go over to these stalls and make a personal impression. Your research will come handy now. It will help you determine which companies you are interested in and then you can make a list. The list will be companies most preferred to least preferred. Since, they are going to be many people crowding the webinar, try to include a particular number of companies on your list. If time allows, you could check out the remaining ones.

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Have a brief prepared to announce at the career webinar

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With proper attire, come proper manners. Your employer will focus on your speaking skills, communication skills, and your confidence. One thing that you cannot forget to wear on the day besides perfume, is confidence. Make sure you try to interact with the employers, get to know their names, their experience with the company so far. Once you put your brief forward, sound as convincing as ever. Jot down a list of your achievements beforehand so you can remember what you have to mention to the employer.

Take notes of whatever is happening 

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While your duty throughout the webinar is to impress the employers, you also need to keep writing down details that employers provide. This is information that could not be researched online and hence, withholds that much importance. It will help you later after the selections are done, to shortlist the companies according to your personal preference. Try to also keep up as the employers speak. If you fall behind, you could ask them to repeat but try to avoid doing that, so they understand that you are a great listener. This is your time to get your queries cleared, so use our research to prepare a set of questions. 

Socialize with the career webinar specialists 

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In the webinar, there are also other students present. These students must have also done their bit of researching who could most possibly help you out. Interact with them, try to build as many relationships in this space as possible. A career webinar is a great way of networking. You could share your knowledge bases and only learn more at the same time. However, be strategic and talk smartly to these students, because in the end, they are your competition. 

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Get contact details of the specialists 

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One of the important points most students forget is to ask for the employer’s details. Grab their business card first. They may give you a card but if you have spoken to them on a one-on-one level and they like you, they are most likely to provide a personal contact. However, there is no harm in asking them once to share their details for future endeavors. Do not push to get the personal contact details if they refuse.

Follow up of when the next career webinar is happening 

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The last part of a career webinar. Students tend to lose out on this one because they do not follow up with the company. Make sure you contact the company and ask them how the processing is going and when they will get back to you. This is the sole reason you have asked their contact details for. Additionally, the webinar was crowded with students, and not every person will follow up. Make your mark by doing that. However, do not spam them with calls every day as it will make you look unprofessional.

Career webinar is a perfect way to get yourself prepared

Be prepared to hear a no, try not to be over-confident about seeking a placement right away. Stay mentally prepared to go out and look for other opportunities after the webinar also. Lastly, this is only a career webinar and as a student, you have no reason to bang your head over this. Your life will be filled with opportunities, the webinar is merely to give you a head start. Amidst that nervousness and confidence, remember to be yourself and bring your best skills forward to the table. 

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