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Group Networking Ideas every HR Needs to follow at the Workplace

Previously the role of human resources in the companies was of hearing to employee complaints, maintain the records in order and maintain the miss-understanding caused among the employees. But in the present day, there is an extravagant change in the role of the human resource managers. Along with the old responsibilities, there is another add on tasks to do more creatively. The HR managers need to assign deserving employees for the company and make a team out of them.

It is needed and lies in the team effort

Teams are very important aspects of the organization. If they have well collaboration then it results to be beneficial for the company. It is the responsibility of the human resource manager to maintain coordination among the groups.

Tips that HR can keep in mind for enabling better networking skills

The followings are some tips for human resource managers to maintain good networking among the groups:

  1. Perform ice breaker games :

When the new employees are formed into a team, in the beginning, some of them become shy and hesitate to communicate with the other team members. Ice breaker games are a highly effective idea to break the awkward silence of the group members. Some of the good ices breaking game options are the truth and dare, crazy handshake, rock paper scissors, name bingo, jigsaw puzzle, have you ever? Etc. Performing these games among the group members helps to create a friendly environment where the employees do not have further problems to interact with each other. 

2. Treat your employees well :

For a manager, if he treats his employees well and equally, there would be a mental satisfaction of each of the workers. If the managers start to discriminate against the team members based on certain reasons, then unnecessary jealousy might occur in the minds of the workers. They would start to misbehave with others due to the anger of partiality done with them. Workers might feel left out of the group and there might arise differences among the group. A well-connected group does not have any sort of misunderstanding among them.

3. Encouraging good communication among the team members :

The team gets effective when it is aware of its targets and project goals. When each of its members are well connected, there is no chance of getting misguided. It is very important for each member of the group to communicate with each other properly. This helps in keeping the exact concept of the project so that the faults generated by any member can be decreased. Good communication creates a good network of information flow to every employee present in the group. This ensures the overall benefit of the team as well as the organization. 

4. Encouraging goal-setting activities :

Group members are asked to pre-plan their project goals. So that they can keep an exact record of the target they have to achieve. If a target is already set, group members would start their work accordingly to achieve the previously set design. The pre-planned project design helps to guess the measure of success as well as its outcome. This clear group target helps to focus on the main target and keep the hard work and effort going till they achieve it. For a team, it is very necessary to work together, support each other and achieve the target together. 

5. Distribute roles to each group member :

To make the group members understand the overall success of the group project, each of them must be assigned their part of work. Every member needs to contribute their work to the project. If the members are clear with their part of the task and complete it within the expected time then there would not generate any confusion and the work will go on smoothly. This will make the team more effective and efficient in achieving their desired result.

6. Encourage the employees to present their opinion :

 Encouraging the employees to present their opinion without any hesitation, enable them to think about the project ideas of the company and take responsibilities. When every group member advises something or the other, new ideas come up. New strategies of every group members help the team to become strong. These group discussions make decision making easy. These sort of interactions among the group members makes the communication easy. 

7. Offer rewards once they reach the target milestones

Rewards are a very good way to encourage group members. When the company organizes an award ceremony for the group members, it motivates them. Next time these workers are going to put more effort and hard work to achieve the success of future projects. Providing incentives to employees may promote better teamwork. This will, in turn, bring profit for the company. The company can provide a bonus to the leading team. This would encourage other teams to come in front.

It takes time but it happens

It takes time but it happens and surely it will happen between you and your HR. when you come into a company then there are a lot of cold silence which are passed through when a HR walks through. Do you know why? Because they are always known as something who possess some high authority to the company. And the main reason why they are avoided most of the time.

But a HR can help you

More than anything, an HR can help you to manage out the basic and all the right things. So if you go out to them and ask for their help then they can help you with the right management. This does not mean that you have to keep on avoiding them. You need to network more with your HR on a basic level so that you can understand that they can know about your problems, better and in a smarter way.

These are some of the tips for HR to maintain the group network. I hope these tips work properly. Good luck!





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