From Kulhad Chai to Crores; Mittisa, The Entrepreneurial Venture Of Shobhit Soni With A Whopping Turnover Of Rs 2.76 Crore Per Year

Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a journey where passion meets innovation, and Shobhit Soni has transformed a modest concept into a flourishing business empire. The entrepreneur from Ajmer, Rajasthan, has not only established a successful venture but has also spearheaded a movement towards eco-friendly entrepreneurship. Mittisa is a brand that has revolutionized the kulhad industry and become an inspirational force for aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide.

Shobhit Soni emerges as an exceptional example of transforming a modest concept into a flourishing business empire – the 29-year-old entrepreneur from Ajmer, Rajasthan, has not only established a successful venture but has also spearheaded a movement towards eco-friendly entrepreneurship.

Shobhit is the visionary behind Mittisa, a brand that has revolutionized the kulhad industry and become an inspirational force for aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide.

Mittisa, Shobhit Soni


The Birth of Mittisa
Entrepreneurship courses through Shobhit’s veins, a heritage inherited from his Marwari roots.

A dreamer from a young age, Shobhit’s journey, propelled by a degree in engineering and an MBA in international business, harboured a genuine desire to amalgamate his knowledge into something uniquely his own.

Thus, the birth of the ambitious venture, “Cutting Meri Wali Chai.”
While the initial setback during the COVID-19 pandemic may have dimmed the lights momentarily, it inadvertently paved the way for a more significant opportunity.

Today, Shobhit owns Mittisa – a kulhad business with a whopping turnover of Rs 2.76 crore per year – a company that makes 100 per cent sustainable and eco-friendly earthenware.

In his own words, “In college, whenever we wanted to have a cup of tea, we would locate the nearest tapri to have tea. The tapri vendor would usually have glass cups and kulhads. With glass cups, the hygiene quotient is really low”

“The way these glass cups are usually washed is by dipping them in soap water and then once in clean water. And with this, they are ready for another use. I always preferred kulhad over glass, or even paper cups. My friends would prefer to pay more for kulhad chai due to its hygienic and environmental reasons,”

Identifying Market Discrepancies
Shobhit astutely observed a significant gap in the kulhad market during the lockdown, particularly concerning their delivery.

Seizing this opportunity, Shobhit decided to establish Mittisa, investing Rs 50 lakhs to set up a state-of-the-art kulhad manufacturing plant in Ajmer.

However, like most businesses, he initially faced losses because there were few or no resources he could refer to while setting up this business.

Still not to be bogged down since making pots out of clay is an art and it took some time to acquire the right people for the job – but after a few months, he found his footing, and soon the plant started producing 10,000 kulhads a day.

Scaling Up the Kulhad Business
Converting adversity into advantage, Shobhit’s manufacturing plant now boasts an impressive daily production of 60,000 kulhads.

However, the ambitious entrepreneur didn’t rest on his laurels. In 2022, he expanded Mittisa’s horizons by creating an insightful video guide, empowering others to set up their kulhad plants.

The innovative approach, coupled with the introduction of a specialized machine, enables budding entrepreneurs to enter the industry with minimal investment.

Creating a Network of Kulhad-Makers
Shobhit’s vision extends beyond personal success with over 45 kulhad plants strategically set up across India, from Chhattisgarh to Maharashtra and Karnataka, he has successfully created a network of kulhad-makers.

His unique business model involves not only selling the machines but also providing comprehensive training and connecting buyers with local kulhad producers, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship
Shobhit’s commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded in his business ethos.

He ardently believes that no other cup—whether paper or glass—can match the sustainability and eco-friendliness of a clay cup.

By incorporating kulhads into the chai business and establishing a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, Shobhit envisions a future where businesses can thrive while embracing eco-conscious practices.

Lessons from Past Ventures
Shobhit’s entrepreneurial journey is a perfect example of resilience and adaptability.

From teaching communication skills to launching an AI company, he faced setbacks before finding his stride with Mittisa – with his kulhad business, Shobhit today has a whopping turnover of Rs 2.76 crore per year.

The Last Bit, Shobhit Soni’s entrepreneurial journey, marked by innovation and a commitment to eco-conscious practices, is an inspiration for aspiring business enthusiasts.

His success with Mittisa not only highlights the potential of simple yet impactful ideas but also showcases the transformative power of creating sustainable businesses.

As Shobhit continues to expand his kulhad empire, he extends an invitation for others to join the movement of eco-friendly entrepreneurship, demonstrating that success can be not only profitable but also environmentally responsible.



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