Top 10 Resume writing companies in India 2023

Top 10 Resume Writing companies in India 2023

A writing service can help with the creation of professional resumes. In this post, the best resume writing services in India are given along with a description of each service.

A resume is a formal document that details a person’s credentials and professional successes. A resume serves the purpose of showcasing a person’s skills, education, and prior job. This CV is often used to show potential employers what they can do with their future.

We are thrilled that you are looking for the best resume writers in India. That suggests that you are well on your way to success and that you are equipped to create the best resume conceivable, one that will help you get chosen for the big stage and persuasively communicate your area of expertise to the hiring manager.

We also understand that it can be challenging to identify the greatest resume-writing services in India and that it is nearly impossible to select just a handful of them. With the second-largest population and an undeniably enormous country, India has no shortage of resume-writing services.

With the help of this comprehensive study, you can select the best resume-writing service among the top 10 resume-writing companies in India. You can completely customise your CV using the extensive research we gathered specifically for you.

What exactly is a resume?

Resume writing

The art of resume writing is creating a CV that effectively communicates your area of expertise to the employer. A resume is a formal document that a job applicant creates and submits to a prospective employer to highlight the expertise they are wanting to be hired for.

A resume is generally accompanied by a customized cover letter that emphasizes the applicant’s interest in a particular role or company, as well as the resume’s target market or keywords. Always write your resume with ATS compatibility in mind; resume writing is excellent for this.

The Importance of a Resume

Potential employers can access your resume via this link. A potential employer looks at your resume before appraising you. This suggests that whether you get the chance to interview for a job or not depends on your CV.

If your CV matches the requirements, you will be contacted for an interview. Additionally, your CV might function as a potential employer’s initial exposure to you.

You must therefore mention yourself in your resume and provide a succinct summary of your personality. It must be able to persuade the hiring managers of your advantages. Your resume should emphasize your skills, particularly any that you have acquired over time through previous jobs or school.

You might increase your chances of receiving an interview and going one step closer to the job by including these points in your resume. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid overdoing the embellishments.

Make sure your resume is succinct, straight to the point, and only includes the necessary information. Recruiters might not be drawn to a resume with too much creativity.

How to Pick the Best Writing Service for Resumes?

Your resumes are quite important, therefore it makes sense that you would choose to invest money in a service that guarantees the best results. Your money will be lost if you choose a resume writing service that provides you with inadequate and mediocre resumes.

Choosing a resume writing service that offers value for your money is crucial. Before paying for a resume writing service, make sure you do extensive research and read client reviews. Based on your research, select the resume writing service you believe would deliver satisfactory results.

The following should be considered when choosing a resume writing service:

Website: Nowadays, reputable resume-writing firms have polished websites. Choose a business with an intuitive website that is straightforward to navigate.

Reviews Check online for testimonials and reviews of the resume writing service you intend to hire. You should only proceed with your purchase from them if you are happy with the reviews you have read.

Sample Resumes – You are welcome to ask the resume writing services for samples or examples of resumes. It will give you a rough idea of the style and quality of the resumes they produce.

Select a provider that can guarantee you the greatest results and a resume that fits your criteria.

Competent writers – Find out what level of writers the company uses. Check their writing experience and qualifications. Before hiring someone, you should also check their titles and credentials.

Locate a Reputable Writer- Make contact with the writers of a resume writing service given to you. Attempt to get to know the author and develop a relationship with them. If you and your writer can communicate your views and writing style, only move on with the transaction.

Avoid affiliate links – Be wary of any company that claims to write high-quality resumes while advertising as an affiliate link on other blogs or websites.

Reputation – Look into the standing of the company you select. It must have an outstanding track record and many 5-star reviews. It is usually unwise to select a resume-writing business without much background information or customer support.

What purpose do services for writing resumes serve?

Although we are certain that you are the finest in your field, your CV cannot necessarily represent this. Before it is correctly read for the intended job, HR will select your resume based on a range of criteria, programs, and tools.

The main purpose of resume writing services is to create resumes that are ATS-friendly and contain the best keywords for your speciality. If the CV is not shortlisted on the ATS, it is unlikely that it will reach the desk.

The resume writing services will therefore be aware of your industry and incorporate the proper keywords into the resume.

Top 10 Resume Writing Companies in India 2023

Without a doubt, the top ten resume writing services in India are listed above. As is customary with humans, we shall begin with the best of the bunch and work our way down in order of rank.


writrox resume writing company

Writrox is at the top of our exhaustive analysis for a reason. At Writrox, a group of professionals with more than seven years of resume writing experience are employed. There are additional resume writing services available. Writing cover letters, professional LinkedIn profiles, and resumes in a range of formats, including infographic, visual, and text-based, is the main focus of Writrox.

They have a presence in all major cities, including Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Noida, Kolkata, Kochi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad, and they are willing to include yours in their service offering.

They are also present abroad in places including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Dubai. Another thing that keeps Writrox at the top is the fact that they have more positive online reviews than the bulk of other resume writing services.

The advantages of Writrox include 10,000 Happy Customers, a 4.9 Google Rating, 7+ Years of Experience, and roughly 40+ Countries Served. Perfect resumes are produced by Writrox using stringent quality controls.

The checklist for Writrox is they Completely meet your recruiter’s unspoken expectations, Make a resume that is ATS-friendly, By concentrating on the targeted keywords and standing out from the throng and Increase your likelihood of being hired by over 2-3 times.

For the National Package, an Entry-level Resume costs merely Rs. 1199, and an Executive-level Resume costs Rs. 5200. Writrox provides both domestic and foreign packages. Because the prices are reduced, take advantage of the deal right away and look at the different resume forms they provide.

They can entirely suit your wants because they offer six various varieties of resumes. Their global package includes five various resume kinds, with pricing ranging from $60 for an entry-level resume to $299 for a super senior-level resume.

Writrox has the best value among all service providers, which contributes to its top position.

Avon keeps going

Avon resume writing

Avon Resumes is the next item on our list. Additionally, they have years of experience and are backed by a team of professionals who are adept at writing the best resumes. They exist both domestically and internationally, mainly in Canada and the United States.

Additionally, they have a significant online presence and a long list of happy customers. They also follow quality assurance measures like Outstanding Quality Guaranteed with Confidence, and 24/7 global sales support career solutions.

Avon Resumes also provides a range of specialist services in addition to resumes. Their national resume writing services have a starting fee of Rs. 1999.

Just a few of their other specialized services include a Customized Cover Letter starting at Rs. 1999, a LinkedIn Profile from Rs. 3999, a script for a video resume starting at Rs. 4999, an SOP-LOR Academic Resume starting at Rs. 7999, a Defence Force Personnel resume starting at Rs. 9999, and an Executive Class Resume from Rs. 10999.

Get Set Resume

Get Set resume

The next item on our agenda is Get Set Resumes. They are present in India in addition to other countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, etc.

Get Set Resumes has been in business for eleven years. If we just look at 2022, they will have given 1785 legitimate resumes up until October 2022. They have worked really hard since 2011, and they are still going strong.

Additionally, they follow a checklist when composing the optimal resume: Get more information about your resume, Analyze your requirements carefully, Make an initial resume, final delivery after many iterations, and CV storage with easy access 24x7x365.

Additionally, they provide combos and several resume formats, mostly 10. The prices for the many resumes they offer range from Rs. 2199 for a text resume to Rs. 1999 for a LinkedIn profile, Rs. 599 for an online CV, and Rs. 599 for a cover letter. Visit their website for additional details and specialized offers.


Mentorrd Resume Expert

A well-known player in the industry for resume writing services is Mentorrd. Additionally, they have a lot of pleased clients and stellar online evaluations.

They also follow a few guidelines: a team of experts in the field, focused on consultation; one-on-one, Based on intensive self-reflection, and resume content, gap analysis of abilities. It is advantageous to conduct a thorough profile analysis before the interview.

The latest recent International Standards are used, Writing that persuades and is action- and result-oriented. They offer a variety of resumes, such as Executive Resume Writing Services. Additionally, they provide online resume reviews and professional interview advice.

Excel CV

Excel word resume writing

Finally, we’ve reached the midway mark. Our Excel CV is still available in slot 5. They have years of experience and are familiar with the kinds of resumes that would be most effective for you. They can be found in Australia and India as well.

Additionally, they employ the checklist below when composing any resume: exceptional at starting from scratch when writing a resume, excellent CV writers give their work in PDF and MS Office formats without employing any templates.

One-day turnaround modifications that never end for two months. They provide CV writing services beginning at Rs. 4999. Their extras cost Rs. 299 for a cover letter, Rs. 499 for Express Service, and Rs. 500 for a copy pack.



Since 2016, CVDesignR has offered support to the industry of resume writing services. They’ve produced nearly 3,500,000 CVs since 2016, 120,000 new ones every month, and have 99% user approval.

You must contact CVDesignR for precise rates and customized resumes. They are adept at producing resumes that are tailored to you and incorporate your suggestions. There are many different CV templates at your disposal. The best solution is yours to choose based on your needs.

Uppercase Resume

Uppercase Resume writing

Uppercase Resume also creates top-notch resumes and has years of experience in the resume writing business. They are adept at producing resumes that are ATS-friendly.

They have professional resume writers in New York. In addition to India, they can be found in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Additionally, they follow certain guidelines to produce a perfect resume: an ATS-compatible resume: a detailed examination, and devoted client service.

They also provide a variety of resume writing services, and their entry-level Early Career Resume Pack is $99 in price. Other services cost between $139 and $299 for an executive resume, while a premium service costs between $279 and $359.

In addition, to resume services, they also provide interview preparation services for $99 each.

Book Your CV

It has been almost 20 years since Book Your CV was established. They offer unrestricted modifications, two years of free assistance, and less expensive package challenges. Over 25,000 cover letters, 28,000 visual resumes, 26,000 graphical CVs, and 30,000 text resumes have been distributed.

They mostly target Indian consumers with their resume writing services. They also follow strict guidelines: writing prompts for you to use, writing technique, Who competes with you? What do you want out of your career? What essential words are employed?

They provide the following advantages; a confidential discussion with the coordinator expert author CV writing with keywords Numerous revisions, Similar Prices, Sector and conflict of interest.

The text version of a new employee’s résumé is free, but the cover letter costs Rs. 700. Their Visual CV is available for Rs. 1695. Additionally, they start at Rs. 1995 for an infographic CV. There are various services accessible, like LinkedIn Profile (which starts at Rs. 1000), Job Search (which starts at Rs. 2000), International Study Resume (which starts at Rs. 2890), and many more.



With years of experience in the resume writing industry, Resume Zest has helped more than 25000 professionals find their dream jobs. Benefits of using Resume Zest; ATS-friendly resumes with proper formatting, Dedicated authors who are matched with you based on your preferences, Professional resume writers with qualifications working one-on-one in the US, 60-day interview guarantee.

They also provide a selection of resume writing services, with entry-level resumes starting at $279, professional resumes at $379, and executive resumes at $479. They also provide numerous additional services, like Rush Service, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and others.



In terms of human resources, MakeMyResume has more than 21 years of experience. They provide resume writing services in more than 30 different countries in addition to their 50+ locations throughout India. They’ve served more than 10,000 happy customers.

They also follow a few strict guidelines; Quality Assurance Professional Format, and Individualized Focus.

They provide a wide range of services, including cover letters, mock interviews, LinkedIn profiles, and resume writing. Contact them for pricing and personalized resumes.


Various resume-writing companies have been mentioned above. These businesses are the best in the business at writing resumes, and they can help you quickly and easily. Currently, all businesses are in competition with one another, which encourages them to produce work of higher quality and originality. Additionally, premium + free factors are accessible on every portal of various businesses. To create the best resume, all you need to do is thoroughly browse the portal.

We genuinely hope that reading our in-depth study was as enjoyable for you as it was for us to put it together. You may have a better understanding of the secrets of resume writing services by this point, making it easier for you to make an informed decision. The main goal of this sidetracked research is to provide you with an overview of resume writing services and assist you in reducing the number of potential candidates on your shortlist. We are happy to have contributed to your achievement and wish you well in your future endeavours.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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