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Two Lives Lost, The Porsche Murder, Why Has It Taken Such A Sordid Incident To ‘Wake Up’ And ‘Expose’ The Entire Nexus – Police, Judiciary, The Blatant Disregard Of Laws, And The Power Of The Rich In This Country!

In a country where justice is too often a commodity reserved for the wealthy, the 'Porsche Murder' exposes a grotesque nexus of privilege, corruption, and impunity. Two young lives were brutally extinguished not merely by a reckless teenager behind the wheel of a luxury car but by a system that shamelessly favors the rich and powerful. It took this horrifying incident to finally draw attention to the blatant disregard for laws by those meant to uphold them, and to expose the cozy complicity between police, judiciary, and the elite. As we look at into this tragic case, we must confront the uncomfortable truth- this is not just an accident but a murder facilitated by a deeply flawed system that values the powerful over the lives of ordinary citizens.

Porsche Murder – By now, the entire country is aware of the ghastly ‘Porsche Accident’, which should ideally be termed as murder, and there are plenty of reasons for calling it just that; the same will be explained further on in the article.

However, coming to the incident itself, who should be blamed here?

The 17-year-old drunk juvenile driving a Porsche Taycan at 160 km/hour in Pune that mowed 24-year-olds Anish Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa?

Or the juvenile’s father, prominent builder Vishal Agarwal, who was arrested in Sambhajinagar this morning?

The bar owners who served drinks to juveniles or the traffic police who failed to haul an unregistered car?

Porsche Murder, Porsche Accident, Police, JudiciaryWell, the murderers of the two IT engineers are the result of an intricate machinery of complicity and impunity; several institutions allowed a tragedy of this magnitude through their collective negligence of duty and failure to uphold the law. 

Here are some of the murderers that all helped this horror to happen – the authorities that allowed the luxury sedan to be driven on the streets of the city without proper registration or licence plates since March. 

A system that lets off underage drivers (and their guardians) with barely a slap on the wrist on the off chance that they are apprehended. 

An establishment that is only too happy to serve alcohol to minors, when the legal drinking age in most Indian states is 21, and 25 in Maharashtra. 

A system that turns a blind eye to enforcing penalties for offenses like drunk driving, driving without a licence, or over speeding, particularly when the offenders are wealthy, famous and powerful.

The Critical Aspects Of The Case

Bail within 15 hours of the accident to the Porsche driver, the son of a wealthy business tycoon, has raised fingers on the integrity of the judiciary, police and legal system.

One MUST question the justice system that granted bail to the culprit within 15 hours of detention on conditions that included a 300-word essay, assisting traffic police for 15 days, and seeking the help of a psychiatrist. 

This is the value that ‘esteemed judges’ have put on ordinary citizens. 

How did the police treat the son of the business tycoon?

Even as bail was granted in the shortest possible timeframe, it has been alleged that the 17-year-old was fed pizza, burger and biryani at the police station. 

What a royal treatment for someone who has just hours before, in a drunken state, driving at a speed of 160 Km/h on a busy road, mowed two innocent lives who worked hard to earn a living!

The Judge Who Granted Bail

Something must be said about the ‘mighty’ judge who granted bail to this monster. Why? 

Is it because he is the son of someone rich and influential? 

The reason to say this is simple- we know, we are aware how the wheels are oiled in this country, both concerning the police and even the judicial custodians are not immune to it, so what did it take? 

A call, some promises perhaps, money exchanged? 

Why and how did the judge not give a rap on the hands of those who are in charge of enforcing the law, the police personnel who gave the ‘royal’ treatment to this budding goon, who had no remorse and had the audacity to eat pizza and biryani, at the police station. 

Might just as well serve him some more alcohol to dull the memory of the ‘Murder’ he committed!

The Lost Innocent Souls And The Family

The two young IT professionals, Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa, were mowed to death early Sunday morning when their motorcycle was hit by a speeding Porsche driven by a spoilt rich brat.

Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa, both 24, were on their way back from an impromptu dinner with a group of friends when the speeding Porsche hit them. 

Ashwini Costa, who hailed from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, was riding pillion with Anis Awadhiya. 

Ashwini’s mother, Mamta Costa, revealed that her daughter had planned to return to Jabalpur and had booked a ticket to surprise her father on his birthday in June.

Meanwhile, Anis Awadhiya, originally from Pali town in Madhya Pradesh, had been working in Pune for about a year and a half and had graduated from DY Patil College of Engineering in Pune. 

Dnyanendra Soni, Anis’s maternal uncle, said the grieving family includes the mother, father, and 21-year-old younger brother, who is studying at the city’s DY Patil College.

Soni said Anis’s father has a small printing press, and his mother is a homemaker who used to support his family financially.

What about the family members?

Had this entire episode not caught the public where it hurts, this entire ugly episode would have been conveniently hidden under the carpet!

Who is the wealthy business owner 

Now, coming to the main culprit in this case, and there is a solid reason to call him such – why did he allow his young brat to drive a car when he is underage and does not even qualify to have a driver’s license?

There is more coming – The father of the 17-year-old Pune teen driver, whose late-night drunken Porsche dash left two 24-year-old engineers dead, had made an elaborate escape plan, but the cops tracked him down.

Soon after an FIR was registered against him for letting his teenaged son drive the luxury car, the prominent Pune realtor was on the run. 

The master plan was hatched to mislead the cops; he left home in his car and, asked the driver to take the road to Mumbai and directed another driver to leave for Goa in his other car. 

On the way to Mumbai, he got off the car and used a friend’s car to proceed towards Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, earlier known as Aurangabad. 

Police have said multiple cars were involved to confuse the cops about where he was headed. 

At the same time, the realtor also started using a new SIM card so that police could not track his number.

When police learned he was in his friend’s car, they tracked the vehicle through its GPS. 

A team from the Pune crime branch then identified him using footage from CCTV cameras on the route. Eventually, in a late-night raid at a lodge in Sambhajinagar, the cops arrested the realtor. He will be produced in court today.

He might have been arrested but think, apple does not fall far from the tree – this is what he has obviously taught his son, the sheer audacity, the planning, says it all!

Some more questions that must be answered 

The permanent registration of the luxury Porsche car has been pending since March due to the owner’s non-payment of ₹1,758 fees.

Question, how and why was the car not flagged by the traffic police? They too have a role and should be held accountable in this ‘murder’.


The Law Is For The Poor, Not The Rich, The Influential, The Powerful And Last But Not The Least, The Politicians

Do you know how many ‘poor’ are lamenting in the jails across the country?

The jails of this country are filled to capacity, where bails are not granted, the cases are not heard for years and these uninfluential people are serving time, many upto years because they have no one to care for them.

And here comes the perfect case that exemplifies how the rich, the influential, and the powerful can twist the laws and influence those who are the ‘guardians of the law’ with as little as a rap. 

Hence, it can be safely said that if there had not been a public outrage, this case would not have transpired and unravelled the way it has.


It takes public outrage to get some semblance of justice in this country. Another example is the ‘Nirbhaya case,’ where had there not been the public outrage that it caused, nothing would have come out of that case!

Ultimately, who and what can the citizens of this country rely upon? 

Not the police, not the judges, not the laws, not the judiciary, but only ourselves and those who are in the same boat, a collective force that must stand against this injustice!

They say that the 'pen is mightier than the sword'; I believe definitely so! Today news is delivered at breakneck speed, but what makes news articles different from one source to another? It is the way it is delivered-facts, research, the point of view with the correct amount of panache, the X factor! Writing is my chosen profession after 15 years in the corporate sector, and I strive to tick every box even as I am grateful to my readers for their precious time and patronage!


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