Do’s and Don’ts of Creating A YouTube Channel


Videos are more powerful than text when it comes to sending a across a message. Thus, YouTube is by far the best platform to share videos that either promotes your work or product or even services. As per the latest reports, more than 5 billion users visit YouTube every month. And more 10 billion hours of videos are being watched per month here.

So imagine the boss YouTube can give to your entrepreneurship, even if is your simple, they unique travelogue.

But just reading our brief guide on How to start a perfect YouTube channel is not enough. The Don’ts are always more important than the Do’s. And here we are listing a few of both:


The game is to keep your best foot forward and not all the limbs together. So, select only those video clips that bring to fore the best of your abilities. Remember the thumb rule, a YouTube channel can be changed as fast as a TV channel. So hook your viewer and that can be done only by providing the unusual, the unique.

Also keep it short. Say for an example a travel video–2/3 minutes is enough. Beyond that, it becomes boring, unless a really well-researched engaging documentary likes that on NAT GEO.


A YouTube channel is all about giving you the second chance to make yourself better. See the feedback and always rehash your content by not only improving it, but renaming it in a better way, with reining tags as well. Simply take the plunge, if you are new, don’t hesitate from making changes, if you really believe in your work.


This is one of the best ways to build audience. Simply grow your audience exponentially by agreeing to host “guest videos.” This is cross-promotion to get more visibility of your work. Also, by communicating with other senior professionals in the related field, you will also learn how to improvise your own work. It is a symbiotic relationship. But remember symbiosis is different from competition. So take cautious steps.


Spread out your work evenly; strategies a channel plan. Study how others’ similar works are posted not only on the YouTube chenille but on its social media shares. Make a schedule: say per week/ per fortnight/per month. Putting up too many videos in one go will make the audience overlook your recent posts, inadvertently.


Don’t use tags just because these are viral. Use them honestly. Only once can you fool someone to watch video using viral non-related tags. You lose his/her faith forever since no one-enjoy a bait sandwich. Rather take the help of an SEO and use the best keywords matching your content, theme, audience etc.


Take you critics very seriously, even if they are trolls. They teach you a lot on how to improve you content. Similarly, don’t get carried away by praise; maintain the quality of your work. Also, don’t let purposefully nasty comments/ trolls spoil your reputation or for that matter demotivate you about your honest, good work. For this, avoid addressing trolls beyond just one strong and honest response backed by proof. No audience wasn’t to see a war-of-words.

Here is all the equipment that you will need to start a perfect one. All the best!

Whether as an aspiring videographer or any other digital creative professional…you have to have a YouTube Channel or a Video Blog where you can showcase your video production. Why? YouTube provides you a podium for free which is a high profile medium where people from professionals to amateurs will be in your target audience.

But before you start uploading your production for the world to watch, here are a few essential do’s and font’s that will ensure that you present yourself as a professional rather than an amateur kid.

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