Why is God so Upset with Indians Since Modi 2.0?

The year 2020 was very special to people all over the world, way before it began. The prime factor that made this particular year special to India was Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s vision. He envisioned India as a developed nation and gave us an action plan to achieve the same through his ideas which were clearly stated in his book, ‘India 2020’. People looked forward to this very hyped up year, expecting to see a lot of advancements in India’s technological infrastructure and a knowledge superpower.  Little did we know that we were about to face events that we had never imagined in our wildest dreams. Anticipation and excitement overcame people when they made their resolutions on New Year, it was going to be the year that bought change to their lives, and change to the country. The year kept its promise, it did change our lives and the country, didn’t it?

The World Wars acted as points on the timeline that had a drastic before-to-after change in them. The situation we are in right now strikes a great deal of similarity. We are in a World War, not against countries, but against a common disease. COVID-19 has indeed changed the way of the world, people are left speechless with the impact this disease has, with how quickly their world came to a standstill. But a small ray of hope still does exist making them think, the world has gotten through so much, and we will get through this one. Then a question arises, ‘but when?’. We have left the responsibility of our lives in the hands of doctors and medical practitioners, who are undoubtedly doing their best, but for how long? What did we do to suffer so much? Is this Karma?

After Narendra Modi took charge as the Prime Minister for the second time in the year 2019, there was an uproar of celebration by the BJP members and they were already very sure that they were going to win. But the opposition claims that the party hasn’t fulfilled its promises and they have raised many complaints. It has been over a year since they won the elections the new year is off to a great start. With COVID-19 running in the streets like a madman, people are traumatized because of the situation they are in – unemployment, transport, less availability of supplies, etc.

These issues have been imposing a really difficult time for the world and also to our country. The lockdown despite keeping us safe from COVID-19 has also been affecting our lives in many other ways. When the world is under a pandemic situation, we are being bombarded with other issues that are increasing the stress on our country. Natural disasters are piling up one by one. With a crumbling economy, we are facing so many issues altogether. Let’s have a look at them.

New Delhi gained a lot of attention over the recent years because it had a really high level of contaminants in the air, but with COVID-19 we could see a marvelous improvement in the Air Quality Index within just a span of 2 months. But now it has gathered more attention, with the city going expected to face a massive earthquake after inferring from the 11 minor ones that it had faced. Seismologists, experts with earthquakes, say that these occurrences of earthquakes are very mild and can be considered to be foreshocks. The earth quakes were found to be caused by local fault lines. Despite the magnitude of the earthquakes being mild, disaster management has to be done in order to avoid future issues since Delhi is situated over the Indo-Gangetic belt where sediments increase the effect of the earthquake motion.

200410 kenya locusts

This wasn’t the only issue in the North. In the midst of the talks on Earthquakes, there came swarms of locusts to Rajasthan, through the Sindh Province. Locusts, specialists in eating away foliage of plants, made swarmed in massive numbers in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, instilling fear in people. The Gujarat agricultural department has reported that there is a possibility of another locust attack by the end of June or the beginning of July where the swarm of locusts are can be 5 – 7 km from Yemen. Unseasonal rains and string westerly winds that were due to the Cyclone Amphan resulted in the arrival of swarms from the breeding areas. This was really devastating for the farmers and agricultural specialists since lots of crops were destroyed. The capital of our country is also expected to be hit with the locust swarm and it is taking measures to prevent high level damage. Pesticides are being sprayed over the crops to keep the locust swarms in control.

The events didn’t stop there. Kolkata had to face a serious issue.  Cyclones are not new to this city, but with a speed of 260 km/h things were definitely interesting. Amphan resulted in thousands of trees were uprooted and people were left without power for many days. It is the first super cyclone to have hit Bengal and it has been classified as a severe cyclone. The damage was estimated to be at ₹1.02 lakh crore. Bangladesh has also been really affected where thousands of houses that were destroyed. Power generators exploded, people were deprived of electricity, roads were blocked leading to a reduction of transport, etc.

amozon forest fire web 1 760x500

We’ve faced problems that came through Air, Water and even Human touch, what is left? Fire, definitely. Uttarakhand is known for its unique flora and fauna where there are 1145 plant species, but only until the forest fire that captured all the lovely thoughts about the foothills this May. Four days of raging fires were caused due to the high temperature and hot winds. The recent heat wave in the north has been a major contributing factor to the forest fires. Almost 20 fires were recorded over the 4 days. The admirable flora and fauna were severely affected.

All these incidents have got us thinking ‘Why is India facing such a lot of issues? Is God punishing for all the crimes that took place?’ India, was always a strong country that has people with a strong heart and will power to get through the toughest of times. The events that happened in India during this year, till now, have proved that we will be able to cope in any situation that may come our way. We have found ways to work through the pandemic but there are some observable flaws in our system. Proper planning needs to be done; disaster management, distribution of funds, re-designing our education system and proper democratic approach. A repetitive complaint with the Modi 2.0 government strategies is that democracy is dwindling. Proper communication needs to exist between the states and brainstorming different ideas will help generate good strategies to overcome the problems at hand. The year isn’t over. We still have more to face and more to achieve. We still have six months for the year to end. Who knows, we may even get to fulfill our resolutions and goals. Until then, we just have to sit tight and hold on to our faith that things will get better and that India will become like the one our former president had envisioned.


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