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Home Trends The 4a and 5 will be Google’s first 5G-enabled Pixels

The 4a and 5 will be Google’s first 5G-enabled Pixels

The latest version of Google’s budget Pixel device will be one of the first two to get its next-gen technology. It’s an odd strategy, to be sure, but sometimes roadmaps work out like that, I guess. You can read basically everything you need to know about the Pixel 4a in my review here. It’s a pretty basic addition to the line, albeit one that bumps up battery life from its predecessors and maintains the brand’s focus on excellent imaging with limited hardware.

Google’s budget Pixel 4a addresses its premium predecessor’s biggest problem

At some point in the fall, it will be joined by a 5G version, priced at $499. That’s a fairly significant bump over the standard 4a’s $349 starting price, but still pretty reasonably priced for a 5G phone. Obviously the Pixel 5 will be going 5G as well — Google even said as much in a blog post this morning (with a rare peak behind the curtains). From the sound of things, the devices will be released in roughly the same timeframe, but the details are understandably still very limited on that front.

Source: TechCrunch

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