5 technology trends to watch out for in 2018


We are surrounded by technology at almost every front of our lives. Technology has become a necessity rather than a desire. There are several emerging tech trends that’ll shape a big part of our business and lifestyle in the year 2018.

Technological innovations are exciting as they promise to change the way the world currently functions. These innovations lead to a better and a more comfortable life for people. Since the last few decades, technology has experienced exponential growth and continues to do so. Technology is a part of our everyday life, right from using showers that provide us the ability to have infotainment while we take a shower to self-driven cars, technology has never failed to amaze its users. Every day there is a possibility of technology coming up with an innovation that was not present just the day before. So, here are five tech trends to watch out for in 2018!

Taking intelligent things to a new level

Artificial intelligence and machine learning communicate allows machines to communicate with their users in a manner that eases the user’s life. Artificial intelligence is the base of all smart things that know how to behave in accordance to human expectations and how to learn from them. In the past few months, the creation of bots has been on a rise. As AI is improving itself, people can hope to get introduced to bots and smart devices that understand the concept of collaboration and communication with each other.

Expanding reach of blockchain

Decentralization stands as one of the critical features of blockchain technology. Blockchain as technology has experienced tremendous growth and applications of blockchain exist across numerous industries. There were still few industries that are untouched by the blockchain industry and soon we could experience how blockchain can advance in other sectors thus, easing out our lives.

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Enlightening lives with big data

We are in the age of information and organizations are collecting data to help us in times when we need this information the most. During the last few years, big data has experienced impeccable growth and achieved applications across industry with only one aim – making human life better. Often businesses have ample information that can help them increase sales, but they fail in data management. In 2018, people and CTOs can expect more companies to evolve their data management techniques and be able to maintain weight between data control and accessibility.

Taking cloud storage higher

When people refer to cloud storage, flexibility is the first word that comes to their minds. In the last few years, the speed at which cloud storage is growing is being appreciated by organizations across industries. In 2018, people can expect their storage facilities to be faster than the conventional methods.

Converting everything to smart things

IoT is driven by innovation and is a technology that has supplied the world with exceptional products. Some of these products include smartwatches, smartphones, smart TVs, and smart cars. Looking at these products, saying that almost everything can be converted to intelligent things would not be wrong.

These smart devices operate by themselves, without any human intervention, and have led to a more automated human lives. In 2018, people can expect these devices to take a massive leap by automating and converting things that are not smart currently, into smarter things.

Naveen Joshi

Founder and CEO of Allerin. Works in Big Data, IoT , AI and Blockchain.


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