AppOnBoard’s App Store Demos on Google Play see big growth


AppOnBoard’s instantly playable game demos are proving popular in the Google Play Store. Google is using AppOnBoard’s technology to enable users to tap on demo apps in the store and play the game instantly in a highly visible feature dubbed Google Play Instant.

A bunch of game companies have partnered with AppOnBoard to use the “Try Now” button next to the “Install” button in the store. Those mobile game companies include FoxNext Games, Game Insight, Superheart Studios, Jam City, Scopely, Huuuge Games, and Simple Habit.

“AppOnboard and its technology has been one of the driving factors for this growth,” said Ben Frenkel, product manager at Google, in a statement. “Many developers have leveraged App Store Demos to enable their Google Play Instant apps quickly and without needing to dedicate their own engineering resources.”

AppOnBoard said that India and Brazil have been particularly big consumers of App Store Demos, and that means the instant games are reaching a wider audience than they normally might. With many international countries lacking comprehensive 3G/4G coverage and WiFi options, Google’s “Try Now” button is becoming the default user behavior for experiencing apps in these countries.

“The appetite for the ‘Try Now’ button on Google Play rivals anything I have seen in mobile since the launch of mobile app stores,” said Jonathan Zweig, CEO of AppOnBoard, in a statement.

In addition to giving users the ability to demo the app or game on the storefront, developers are also driving higher-quality users with App Store Demos. Those who engage with an App Store Demo prior to installing have shown higher retention (+32 percent on day one, +29 percent on day 7) and have been more likely to become paying users (+44 percent on day one, +37 percent on day 7) when compared to users who install right away.

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Los Angeles-based AppOnboard is offering a 30-day free trial for any App Store Demo that developers can claim at

“Getting new users to convert from curious to installed has always been the industry’s biggest challenge,” said Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight, in a statement. “By partnering with AppOnboard to build our Google Play Instant app, we were able to give potential players a taste of what Guns of Boom has to offer through an instant demo that faithfully reflects the game.”

Source: VentureBeat

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