Bridging the Gap Between Bengaluru and Tel Aviv

Theres already a virtual road that connects India and Israel at an international level. Over the years, the two countries have fostered an active relationship within various sectors including defense, cyber-security, agriculture, technology, healthcare, and entertainment. Their strategic ties have only grown steadily, nurtured by mutual visits of Indian and Israeli Prime Ministers, supporting each other in their respective nation’s interests.

In 2017, Shri Narendra Modi became the first Prime Minister from India to visit Israel in well over 70 years. The visit, called groundbreaking for its historic nature, even led the countries to sign seven agreements in key areas of energy, environment, and space. This strategic partnership has, in turn, demanded a much more inclusive approach between two of the most popular democracies in the world. A road that would bring them closer than ever.

Stratigo Brandmakers is helping forge that new road with its forward-looking, multidisciplinary branding and technical faculties that help businesses raise brand awareness, engage customers, and ultimately thrive at a global scale. But how can we help you make a sizable impact in your business while depending on this partnership between the countries? By following the lead

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The Marriage of Startup India and the Startup Nation

Indian and Israeli startups have for long been looking for that mutual hug that could transcend into international growth. As of January 2019, more than 100 Israeli companies are already invested and successfully operating in India with equal reciprocation from the subcontinent, which is only fueled by its ambitious government initiatives like Make in India and Startup India. Companies here are acquiring Israeli startups to expand the essence of these initiatives. According to BloombergQuint, Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart acquired Israel-based startup Upstream Commerce in the third quarter of 2018. This way, Indian companies are constantly seeking to partner with both Israeli startups and veteran companies on development projects and vice versa.

Moreover, through initiatives like the Israel Innovation Authority that offers the know-how, experience, funding, policy support, and governmental backing, the country aims to ease business with India. Israel, which ranks third after America and China on the innovation front, also invites Indian technology companies to invest and set up presence in the startup nation. It already has a heritage of pursuing great and disruptive technologies while playing an active role in the seeding and development of idea-driven concerns like Googles Waze, HP Scitex, Mobileye, SodaStream, popular web development platform Wix, and one of the countrys greatest inventions of all time Disc-on-Key.

Helping you follow this established lead and put your foot forward is the vision of Stratigo Brandmakers. As an independent brand strategy and communication agency based in Israel, we have been helping technology companies build, move, and flourish their brand identities for close to 15 years. Our clients have not only achieved a place in their respective markets but also have enjoyed wide growth internationally. It usually just takes a seed of an idea to start, and with Stratigo, you dont have to worry about either the idea or the seed.

Why Choose the Leader in Brand Strategy?

Because the competition can sometimes be brutal. And achieving a place in the market will need more than the germination of the seed that we sow together. As a leader in contemporary branding strategy and hi-tech solutions, we work with international B2B technology companies building strategic infrastructure that creates differentiation, brings value to the customers, and secures the future. We are the crossroad of strategy, design, technology, and entrepreneurship. With India and Israel at the heart of our vision.

We have helped hundreds of organizations reach their business potential by developing distinctive strategic brand plans, corporate identities, and robust technology solutions. Our cooperation with leading technology and industrial companies in various sectors such as water filtration, agri-tech and irrigation, fintech, medicine, industry 4.0, and Internet of Things (IoT) has only strengthened our ability to look beyond the common definition of brand strategy. The creative efforts of our team – visible in our work for Microsoft, Amiad, Lumenis, McCann, Checkpoint, Ex Libris, Allflex Group, IDE Technologies, Rivulis, Manna Irrigation, Powermat, Stratasys, Credorax, Kaminario, and many more – underlines our intrinsic passion and ability in these fields.

For Stratigo, branding is an aggregated process in which multiple voices and tools come together to create smart, attractive products that stand the test of time. Our strategy and design methodology begins with identifying and exploring a companys potential, defining its possible trajectories, and understanding its opportunities and threats. Moving forward, we reveal the story that will be at the heart of the business, which then becomes the basis for ongoing visual and content creation.

We focus more on the whyof your business than the how. This school of thought, along with our wide range of offerings, has resulted in us being counted amongst the leaders in branding solutions.

Choosing Whats Best for You!

As one-stop branding agency, Stratigo provides a comprehensive bouquet of services such as research and analysis; brand identity, intelligence, strategy, guidelines, hierarchy, and positioning; customer journey, naming and messaging, visual language, art direction, UX and UI, website design and development, app specification design and development, marketing automation, inbound marketing and many more.

These outputs help us create a branding presence that resonates globally, spread the message, produce a profitable and measurable customer experience, and most importantly, a framework for engaging with your team members.

We believe that a smart and collaborative process is the only path to creating effective brand voices.

Let’s elevate your current game and make it an international success. Lets talk BRANDING!

For a quick chat, drop a line at [email protected]. Or visit to learn more.

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