Data science – the next big thing?


During the time when the internet was flooded with news of IT professionals being laid off, the fear of losing one’s job had become an alarming situation. It had become a day to day hustle and that was when people realized that the need to pivot advanced skills on technologies has become even greater.

Besides the job uncertainties, the question that most mid-level professionals are struggling with is how and where can they begin with.

While data science and analytics have emerged as an enchanting option for those looking for a career advancement and career change, there are many job seekers who have little knowledge on how to get a head start.

But before you get into data science, you must first ask yourself these questions:

Do I love numbers?
The first and foremost question you need to ask yourself is that whether you are made for this career or not? Whether you love maths and whether you are passionate about statistics or not? If you are a beginner then an introductory to statistics will be a good start. R can be a good tool for statistical modeling.

Can I devote enough time towards new learning?
There are many places from where you can start learning a new skill set but the question is, will you be able to devote enough time? Data Science is basically a combination of Mathematics/Statistics, Coding/Database knowledge, and Business Acumen. Making a good start towards this career can make a lot of differences in one’s career. If you already know coding and you’re good at maths and statistics, 10 hrs -12 hrs for a duration of rigorous 3 months are enough to make a start as a data scientist.

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Where do I stand right now?
Graduates and working professionals should be an expert in R and Python and in-depth understanding the concepts of statistics. Learning on the job role gives more opportunity towards career growth.

What career path must I follow?
Most working professionals come from an IT background having strong coding skills. Data majorly consists of majorly 3 fields: Data Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data. Almost most engineering pivot towards data science or big data. Data scientists have a combination of mathematics, statistics and coding skills. Professionals with maths, computer science and statistics also make good data analysts.

What should be my next step to get towards this career path?
Since now, you’re aware as to what career you want to choose, you need to make a good choice.

Although there are many online resources it can be tough and doubtful for one to decide a clear learning path.

I hope you know what you have asked for, as we all know Data science is growing at an unprecedented speed.

The future looks bright for people who are trying to make it big in the Data Science domain. There are 6.5 times more Data Scientists than five years ago.

Then what are the requirements?

88% data scientists have at least a Master’s degree and 46% have PhDs. They should be proficient in tools such as:
Data science R is the preferred tool for a data scientist.
Technical skills
Knowledge of Python programming can be a great asset in order to make it big in data science.
Non-technical skills
Logical mindset and good reasoning capabilities
Intellectual curiosity
Good communication skills
Business acumen
Other skills
Machine learning
Data Mining
Data Modeling
Predictive Analysis
Taking Data Science as your career path

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You can start off your career in the field of data science after completing your master’s degree in computers.

You can begin your career by:

Acquiring the skills from experts in the industry.
Work on projects and enhance your skills.
Get hired for your dream job.
Competition in the IT market:

Due to immense possibilities in the field, there is a lot of aspirants lining up for data science jobs. Which has led to an increase in competition, making it essential for the candidates to learn the basics in detail.

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