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How will PM Modi save 85 lakh security guards jobs across the country?

Coronavirus has spread its footprint worldwide. In such a situation, it has fallen into havoc in many places. Coronavirus is not only killing people, but it is destroying the world economy. The impact of this epidemic is being seen in India too, where more than 300 cases have been reported so far. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked to stay at home under the Janata curfew to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. However, in many big cities of the country, places like schools, malls, offices, gyms, spas and restaurants were already closed. In such a situation, the big impact of this ban has started to fall on the poor and small sections too. Actually the public place has been closed to prevent the corona from spreading. In such a situation, it can be seen affecting on the job of millions of security guards, who are now in danger.

The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI), an organization associated with the private security industry, has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in this matter to save the job of these security guards. For this, the institute has written a letter to the government, which says that these private guards should also be used to fight the epidemic. CAPSI has demanded Prime Minister Modi to save the job of millions of private security guards in the letter.

There is talk of removing many security guards after the lockdown across the country. Actually, where many security guards used to work earlier, now one to two security guards are working. In such a situation, what will happen to the guards is a big question.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, CAPSI President K Vikram Singh has said that they will pay for very few guards. What will happen to the other guards in this situation? And who will pay them? Let us inform you that in the current era, more than 23,000 private security agencies deploy more than 85 lakh security guards across the country.

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