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What good is networking, if we are not able to share freely?

The most basic question is why is there a need for connectivity? Inherently human beings are alone which makes us social beings. We are constantly looking for ‘another me’.

Though we are utterly unique, we are continuously looking for people who are like us. And what do we do when we find one, we want to communicate.

While communicating we share. We exchange information. We tell people about us and know about them. But there are a lot of things we share and a lot of things we don’t. We think we might be judged and might look like the odd one out.

We think if we disclose certain things, among all the ‘likes’ we would be labeled the odd one out. We think we would be judged. Thus our sharing is partial. We share only the stuff that makes us superior to others or maintains status quo.

Who are the ‘others’ with whom we share information about ourselves?

They are no one but the people in our own circles. Closer the relationship, stronger is the urge to display superiority. If what we share does not raise our position, even for a few hours, we do not share. When there is nothing to share, we fabricate and share stuff that will make us superior thus what we share is hardly a true representation of our lives. Even if we share, it is a very small fraction of our lives. It is the same, whether we share in person or through existing social networks.

We are insecure; we always feel that we are lower in social status than others. Exploiting this in inherent insecurity in humans, the existing social networks have created the ‘like’ button. Higher the number of likes, the better we feel, no matter how fleeting the feeling is.

But Life is not about ‘Likes’. Not all situations in life are ‘likable’ Life is not the same always.

Times are sometimes easy and sometimes difficult.

There may be situations in life that does not raise our status. These are the times when we want to – share and get our spirits lifted, receive honest and unbiased help and support, search for inspiration, have others help us get going, know that we are not alone but there are others who are in the same boat as ours. These situations may not be ‘likable’. In these times we do not share as the existing platforms don’t allow us to do so as they are predominated by ‘Like’.

In the existing social platforms, connections are mostly based on pre-existing relationships. The people who are connected to you have preconceived notion about who you are. There is a pre-existing image of everyone.

You are already somebody there.

 Everyone has already been labeled and tagged. Our little circle feeds the so called images and keeps them alive. Status quo is maintained. Everyone remains who they are. The existing circles help maintain ‘status quo’. They do not help you grow. But since life is not the same always, maintaining status quo does not work and the whole setup fails.

There is a subtle tacit non-acceptance in our circles when we share about something that has changed within us as a result of occurrence of certain events in our lives or we ourselves are trying to bring about some change in ourselves. We are subconsciously aware of this non-acceptance and this gives rise to tremendous inhibitions in trying to share and show in our little circles that you are not the same person again.

The presence of the very circle inhibits us from sharing. Therefore sharing is restricted and is incomplete. Sharing is being influenced by the presence of people in our little social circles. Thus we are not able to pour our heart out. The existing connectivity with our friends and acquaintances is restricting us from sharing freely.

“Thus connectivity is not being able to deliver its complete value”. 

In order for connectivity to deliver complete value, we have created ManyMee.

At ManyMee we may also share stuff that are not likable or stuff we hesitate to share.

ManyMee makes connectivity complete.

ManyMee does not work against the existing platforms but complements them by making ‘connectivity’ deliver full value.

At ManyMee we are connected to everyone but to none in particular. We have also done away with the ‘like’ icon and have introduced three new icons – “In the same boat”, “I am with you” and “Superb”.

At ManyMee you are free to pour your heart out as the restrictions that have been brought about by the presence of people in our little circles are not there.

ManyMee does not intend to connect you with people who have preconceived notions about you nor will their status, real or fake, have a controlling influence on your confidence, thus enabling you to freely open up and share being who you truly are. Once you are able to share at will, connectivity is worthwhile and we are ourselves again.

  • ManyMee is Anonymous!

  • ManyMee makes you feel more ‘accepted’ when people click “I am with you”

  • ManyMee allows you to voice your opinion without being judged.

  • At ManyMee you find people who second your opinion by clicking “I’m with you”.

  • At ManyMee, you are never alone. ManyMee helps you find people “in the same boat” as yours.

  • ManyMee, with its revolutionary icons, allows you to respond empathetically.

  • ManyMee is in a way ‘Spiritual’ and helps alleviate human suffering by making people realize that they are not alone but there are millions out there who are in the same boat as theirs, thus helping them accept suffering as the truth and eventually do away with it

“I am with you” a small phrase, but when you receive the response “I am with you” on your Heartpour, it becomes the most encouraging and rewarding thing. 


“We are in the same boat” is a very common idiom. Here at ManyMee we have made it simple for you to find people who are in the same life situations as yours. When one is going through a rough patch while others seem, as depicted in existing social media, very happy, it become very difficult to share that one is going through a rough patch as one does not want to be ‘separate’ from the lot or the odd one out. One is thus deterred from sharing. At ManyMee you are anonymous thus there shall be no fear of judgment. The number of responses in “We are in the same boat” will make him or her realize that he or she is not alone. Thus he or she will not feel ‘separate’ or the odd one out”. 

ManyMee intends to complete what the existing social networks have been missing. ManyMee does not go against them but works together to get the gap fulfilled. Thus ManyMee lights the far side of the moon as the near side has already been lit by the existing social networks.

We invite you to come and join ManyMee and help make this world a better place.

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