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Question Yourself – Is your heart clean?

Naresh remembered his father used to be restless when there was a delay from the paperboy. His companion at the toilet, the place where he glanced through all the important news in the country and also cursed at times, if you knew what we meant. The satisfaction was the highest when the paper was in his hands. This article is not about the newspaper but the TOILETS.

Twenty years from there, Naresh takes his mobile to the toilet. Naresh has upgraded from where his dad was, but thousands in the society still walk to a bush for their daily routine. For them, life has become a mess now. The shrubs/trees have gone and are converted into tall buildings with security guards walking around.

On World Toilet Day, a video by Roca and We Are Water Foundation India touched us. In spite of Worldly knowledge that we carry with respect to the latest updates from the World and technological upgradation, what have we missed?

We define a person based on their profession, their caste and worst of all their look. I have even see VIP toilets at certain offices. This is kind of discrimination we see where students from top schools work. We have accepted this, and we follow it at our homes too. Our maids or the workers who come for some service to our homes are forbidden from sharing our toilets (their workplace) or worst case made to go out in the open.

It was refreshing to watch the video by Roca. It is heart touching and at the same time makes many of us realize the mistake that we have unknowingly accepted.

Here is the video


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#Cleanyourheart is a message that is needed for all of us. At home, office and on our streets. We are not saying that you should let everyone walking on the road to let in to use your toilet. But, shouldn’t you take care of the people who work for you. The creative and heart touching ad from one of the most innovative company came at a time when we don’t spend the time to understand others emotions.

We got a chance to meet the team at Eden Park by Pragnya two weeks back. We explored various aspects of the township, and were stunned by the facilities. Well, you would be wondering what is in it for the topic at Eden Park. When we entered the apartments, our attention fell on to the tiles and the bathroom wares.

We realized during the interaction with the team at Eden Park about the importance of being associated with Roca. The township Eden Park is an example of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle – not just for their residents, but for their security guards, their workforce and even for casual laborers.

While walking out of the township, I just checked if they got the chance to watch the #Cleanyourheart video by Roca and I got the best answer.

“We are proud to be associated with a sensible brand when it comes to the toilet.”

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