Does Vastu Shastra Really Affect Our Lives


Vaastu Shastra is the science of architecture, it is a tried and tested method of bringing in positive energy to the place you live. There is a reason why every unit should face a particular direction, lets read and understand it before we conclude anything that our ancestors did as superstition.

Vastu Shastra may not be essential for living, but it is helpful for a better and healthier life.
It is the science of environment you live in. The energy generating in the environment you live will define the energy you build in you and your mind.

How important is Vastu Shastra for human can be understood from importance of Brahmasthan in Home/Property.

Brahmasthan is a central zone, point or place of the geographical area of the plot/area which is to be used for any purpose such as residence, factory, commercial purpose, office etc. Technically, a Brahmasthan is a principle of Vedic architecture and community planning that designates the center point of a building or geographical area. Vedic architecture is based on Vastu Shastra , roots can be traced in the scripture called Brihadsanghita. It is a place where all directions meet and hence becomes most sacred and powerful area .From here only all positive vibes/energy flows and spreads across nuke and corner of home or area under consideration, which in turn influence the earth energies present in the house and the Panchtattva in the correct Vastu directions and zones, which is utmost essential and necessary to have peaceful, wealthy, and blissful relationship among the members residing there.

Profoundly, we dwell on relations among members, newly married couples, or a new member joins in your house. As peace, prosperity, health could only prevail and comes as consequence where dwellers have perfect bonding, mutual consensus and love for each other.
What to do of brahmasthan:-

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It should have to be kept clear and open , cleaning washing regularly,without any kind of construction over the area creating obstruction, hurdle and confinement and free from factors of negative energies .
This area should be used for meditation as abundance of positive energy available there, worship, pooja, sacred rituals etc. can be done.
This is to borne in mind that Brahmasthan should be vacant and no significant movement over there should be done.
For small homes/flats center of plot should be vacant and clear to the possible extent, clean it daily, fragrant the space and light that area with lamps avoid darkness. Do not keep any furniture, dining table, center table etc. at all in center of the space/living area.
What not to do at Brahmasthan:-

Toilets, Bathroom, Washbasins, Kitchen, Septic tanks, Store room must be avoided at any cost.
Stairs, beams, walls, arches etc. meaning any kind of heavy structure passing through that area is strictly not permitted.
Sleeping, putting garbage bin is prohibited
Any kind of well, boring, pump installation etc. is restricted
So here are some benefits of following vastu shastra to attain a healthy and prosperous life:

Attracts more wealth
Money is a common denomination to facilitate us in getting what we want in this material world. And these days, money can also buy you happiness, in various forms. Having a vastu compliant home helps attract money. There is an exponential growth of cash. That stage onwards money starts flowing in regularly.

Creates financial security
Finance is the heart and soul of every business. Vastu attracts the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets. Once your follow the right vastu principles for your organisation or business, you get secure and fruitful finance in your company.

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Generates new opportunities
If you feel that you are stuck in your life; you don’t have the job or work that goes well with your skills and knowledge, or you just want to expand the horizons, then vastu is all you need in your life. Try it and see what series of opportunities life presents before you!

Strengthens bonds and relationships
The purpose of making a home is maintaining the family bonding and the building healthy relationships in order to lead a successful life. Vastu is proven to beneficial in restoring the family bonding and harmony.

Brings joy and happiness
The source of eternal joy lies within you only, but due to external environmental factors, you are not able to feel the happiness. When vastu Shastra is applied at your home and workplace, then you start reconnecting to the source of joy and happiness within you.

Rajat Seth
Vastu Astra


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