Vulnerable To Matrimonial Fraud? Nidaan To Establish The Wings Of Trust!


What do you consider to be the main reason behind more than 60% of unsuccessful marriage in today’s contemporary society? Solely lack of understanding?

With technological advancement facilitating various segment of life, the era of Internet has both pros and cons. Currently, there are almost 100 sites that promote matrimony, websites that help a person to get the perfect soul mate. However, research and survey analysis speak that more than 50 matrimonial fraud cases have been registered last year whereas the percentage enhances with time in 2018 too.

In most of the cases, women are the victims. The study reveals that fraudsters tend to open a fake profile over different matrimonial sites claiming himself as an ‘NRI’ or a highly established and reputed person in the society. However, based on the feedback he receives, he tends to target the most convincing person. Further, he invests time in building the rapport with the girl and when trust is acquired, gives rise to a situation where he asks the girl for money. And finally, he disappears. However, this is just a single common example. There are various other segments or factors that are involved and must be judged prior to any making any decision of your life.

Nidaan Intelligence Services evolves up with a common motive of deciphering and resolving all risks and doubts that generally remains associated with matrimonial cases. Based in Jamshedpur, this company carries the reputation of having the best investigation and risk management team to provide an entire report of investigation in all possible spheres. This company emerges as the one-stop for investigation and crime management services assuring the clients with 100% satisfying results and trustworthiness.

However, Nidaan is more specialised and renowned for its pre-matrimonial investigation projects, provided all over India. Investigation prior marriage is something very important and common. Well, increase in cases of marriage fraudulent nowadays, makes it an inevitable factor rather a need. The basic aim is to assure the genuineness of the boy or the girl in a bid to provide them with happy and satisfying married life.

In Nidaan, the investigation team performs the study through different perspective, navigating the invested person all throughout. Starting from verification of character or nature of the girl or the boy, the societal reputation, a check into the employment status of the person, his nature in office, verifying the educational history of the person and a deep look into various activities performed by the person. Besides, this basic knowledge and verification to reassure the trustworthiness of the person, an insight into his past relationships are also considered to be a prime factor. This would include if the person had any previous marriage or broken and successful marriage in the past. Investigating if the person did have any children from the previous marriage or relation is also included. However, last but definitely not the least, a check into the reputation and the financial status of the family and the family members is also coordinated.

Nidaan provides their client with results within 12-15 working days, whereas the remuneration cost is extremely affordable compared to the services it provides and the trust that is maintained.

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