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AIIMS Issues Guidelines About The Right Way To Disinfect PPE Kit

Due to the continuous increase in the coronavirus epidemic, in India where the number of infected cases has reached 5,916 and 178 people have died, the demand for PPE i.e. personal protective equipment has also increased rapidly and this is the reason why these security devices have fallen drastically short in the market. Because 30-40% of the pharmaceutical items and equipment are imported from China and other countries, due to the lockdown and the coronavirus crisis there has been a huge loss of trade across the world. In such a situation, AIIMS has issued guidelines for the reuse of PPE in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Also, it is emphasized that PPE is usually used only once and then discarded. Because such kits are now barely available in the market, ways are being given to disinfect the kit.

PPE Kit should be used only once:

According to AIIMS guidelines, the reuse of the PPE kit is not being promoted at this time, as it affects the performance of the respirator. However, if these kits are disinfected and reused, the existing kit can be used for a longer period of time.

AIIMS stated, “The COVID-19 epidemic has severely affected our resources in healthcare settings. One of the most important issues is the rapid lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in the care of patients.”

This is a major concern for the health and safety of health workers. Healthcare workers across the country have exposed PPE deficiencies several times, including cover heels, protective glasses, masks, gloves, and shoe covers.

ways to disinfect the PPE equipment kit

According to AIIMS guidelines, coveralls and N95 masks can be disinfected using a doubling of 11 percent hydrogen peroxide vapor in a sealed room. At the same time, face shields and protective glasses can be cleaned by adding 0.5 percent sodium hypochlorite solution and 70 percent alcohol.

So far 178 people have died due to the Coronavirus in India and this dangerous infection has killed about 89,416 people across the world. So, it has been advised to be careful and to maintain social distancing and to stay at home. 


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