Government Plans To Convert Existing Lockdown Period Into An Opportunity To Establish India’s Economic Dominance In World

To establish India’s economic dominance in the world, the central government is planning to convert the existing lockdown into an opportunity by expanding manufacturing skills to a scale within the defined areas. The Ministry of Commerce is considering forming small groups of 4-5 new and old intellectuals, who can suggest and provide a road map for India’s economic dominance in the world. These groups will be deployed in areas with special work, where young minds with new thinking powers will work towards making this country an important identity on the world map under the guidance of experienced people.

In this regard, an official source said, ‘ this is the right time for India to emerge firmly into the world map. A positive image of India has been created in the world due to greater efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Similarly, India has also provided many major medicines to many developed countries of the world to fight this battle. We have to bring more positivity about the country so that India can truly emerge as a major global economic power. ‘

The main goal of the members of these proposed groups would be to brainstorm on two things that what, India should adopt to establish dominance in the world after the outbreak of Coronavirus and secondly to think big and make new strategies about the economic establishment of the country rather than thinking small. The new manufacturing strategy will be focusing on core competence areas, as done by China, and identifying other areas in which India has capabilities to emerge, but it is still importing to those sectors. The focus in the manufacturing strategy will also be on the quality and efficiency to compete effectively in advanced markets.

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