Lockdown 2.0: Indian Railways Suspends All Its Passenger Services Till 3 May.

PM Narendra Modi’s decision to increase the lockdown, due to the tremendous rise in the Coronavirus cases. The prime minister said that it is very necessary to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Most of the services have also been cancelled due to the extension in lockdown, Indian railways have also announced that their services are also available after 3 May. Now the air services in the country have also been cancelled till 3 May. Giving this information, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said that all domestic and international flights have been cancelled till May 3. Earlier, the Railways have already taken a big decision and cancelled their passenger trains till 3 May.

All passenger trains cancelled till 3 May:
according to the statement of railways officials, they have decided to discontinue the passenger train service till 3 May, before which the railways cancelled all passenger services till midnight of 14 April under the lockdown of 21 days.

Railways informed that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to increase the lockdown, they decided to cancel the passenger trains till May 3. According to the information given by the Ministry of Railways, premium trains, mail/express trains, passengers All passenger train services on Indian Railways including trains, suburban trains, Kolkata Metro Rail, Konkan Railway are suspended till midnight on 3 May. However, freight trains will be exempt during this period. As before, freight trains will continue to run.


In the official information from the Ministry of Railways, it has been told that the entire money of the tickets already booked will be returned to the passengers. It has been said that no ticket booking will be done now.

Addressing the country today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to continue it till May 3, increasing the lockdown. PM Modi said that it is very necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India’s fight against the coronavirus is proceeding very strongly and the country has suffered very little due to the sacrifice of the countrymen.

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