“Sudden Demise of Arun Jaitley” Moment of Prejudice for Entire Nation..!!

Inventiva present a report as Arun Jaitley, revered political leader of BJP died at age of 66, this afternoon today while he was admitted in AIIMS, Delhi for past two weeks.
The sudden demise of the former finance ministers Arun Jaitely has certainly aghast the entire nation. The magnificent persona has been always known for the varied pivotal role being played by the ascendant political leader of Bharitya Janta Party.
The manifesto of several traits wore many hats in the very tenure which he served for the nation and every time had demonstrated utmost sense of responsibility and province for the country. Various role played by him be it of a politician, lawyer, administrator, cricketer and as an undefendable politician, every time this quintessential leader illustrated fortitude and valour. For many those who knew him on a personal note always believed for his hold in the articulation of the public gatherings he used to address, And the way he used to iron out the criticism coming towards him. His consensual approach always paved way to solicit respect for him across the party lines.
In the past time Arun Jaitely was detected with soft tissue cancer .Because of these ailments his office tenure was taken over by Piyush Goyal in the meantime. Due to the even long term diabetes, Arun Jaitley had also undergone bariatric surgery to correct his immense weight gain in 2014. In 2018 the minister has also undergone a renal transplant early in 2018 in United States. Recently was being admitted to AIIMS post two weeks when he reported a complaint of breathlessness.
Arun Jaitely initially joined BJP in the year 1980. Having witnessed a very steady rise in his career he comprised of an unprecedented quality of him being an excellent composite of a politician and a lawyer.
Not only this, the signification decision making quality exhibited by him in the past has been the verdant of the major economic reforms which the nation has witnessed. Apart from serving the distinct member of Lok Sabha, he has also served about four times the members of Rajya Sabha too.
It was for five times that Arun Jaitely carried the briefcase of financial budget of the nation to the Lok sabha. inclusive decision for the nation welfare and public interest by the implementation of GST ( Goods and Service tax ) and the crucial era of demonetisation when the high value of currency notes were taken aback to curb the black money in the nation takes mention of his extreme contribution.
The entire nation is afflicted with this sudden decease of the ardent politician Various politician are arriving at his place to pay tribute to this irreplaceable persona. Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi has recently tweeted saying that “With the demise of Arun Jaitley Ji, I have lost a valued friend, whom I have had the honour of knowing for Decades. His insights on issues and nuanced understanding of matters had very few parallels. He lived well, leaving us all with innumerable happy memories. We will miss him!!”
This loss to BJP has certainly left everyone numbed. As a significant contributor to the Modi government portfolio in numerous domain including corporate affairs, information and technology, finance and defence he shall always be commemorated in the future aspects of nation too.
He had been fiery student leaders who always held a forefront to protect the nation in all situations and circumstances .He was the prominent face of the party who had invincible quality of articulating the masses with wide spectrum of ideologist viewpoints.
Arun Jaitley shall always be remembered as charismatic person who had a unique potential of conveying arduous responsibility with utmost sense of understanding, composure and equipoise. His passing away leaves the nation in tears and vacating the position which can never be taken over.
Perhaps He is going to be remembered as a supreme zenith in hearts of million as an insightful parliamentarian which the country ever had..!

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