How to Learn Impressive Acting at Home

As staying in has become the new normal for quite a while, almost anything is possible from home. Pre-pandemic, if a person wanted to learn acting, they had to go to an institute or a film school to master the art. However, things seem to have changed now. 

If you want to pursue a career and cannot physically go to an acting class, do not worry. We are here to discuss some great tips on how you can learn to act while staying at home. 


#1. Watch a lot of films and plays 

When you watch a film, do not just watch it for entertainment purposes. Instead, watch to learn. Try to find out the following things: 

  • Actions of the actors
  • How are they performing those actions?
  • Is there any trick to it that they might have discovered? 
  • What is that trick? 
  • How does an actor react to a specific situation? 

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This is a great way to learn acting as you will be learning directly from the actors. Once you have all the answers, try to apply the same tricks to your skills and practice.

#2. Observe

A good actor is also a great observer. There are characters wandering around you every day, utilize them! Observe how the shopkeeper yells at his delivery man. What do you suppose lies below? 

Observe people in your building, the guards, your neighbours, house-help. Try to create scenes in your head and practice being one of the characters. 

You can observe your close ones as well. For instance, observe how your friend talks about someone they like? Have they ever talked like that? Is there a pattern? If you are able to analyse, you are halfway there already. 

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#3. Practice improvisation 

Improvisation is acting without any preparation beforehand or without any script. In simple terms, it can be called acting on the spot. 

Go to your family members and improvise. Once you are in the character, do whatever you can do to not break your character. It will be challenging as your family members will not have a clue as to what you are doing at first.

If you can improvise while staying in your character, it will be a great learning experience for you. 

#4. Challenge yourself 

Acting is all about playing a character to the best of your ability. If you are in your twenties and have to play a college student, you can easily play that character as you will be able to relate to it and use your personal experiences. 

However, it is not always going to be so easy. That is why you must challenge yourself. Ask yourself what is a character you are scared of playing? It could be someone who is angry or someone who is emotionally vulnerable. 

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Once you know the character you dread the most, play that character. This is how you are going to get out of your comfort zone and learn. Make a list of all the characters you do not think you can play and work hard until you master each of those characters. 

#5. Take an online acting class

This one is probably the most effective tip. Indeed, you cannot go to an acting institute, but the institute can come to you. There are so many online acting classes available that you can join and learn from. 

Unluclass is offering a course on acting by one of the best in the business, Manoj Bajpayee. These acting lessons will not only improve your acting skills but will be a real confidence booster. Do not let this tremendous opportunity slip away. Learn acting online from the supremely talented Manoj Bajpayee. Sign up for his unluclass now!

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