A fitness & health application revolutionizing the fitness industry.

Faacto, a fitness & health-based application, stepped into the fitness industry. Faacto challenges the conventional way of pursuing fitness with its unique approach. The application crafts diet plans and fitness work-out routines just like any other fitness-based application, but the extreme level of personalization allows the product to knock out its competitors. It is the first platform that studies the genetic makeup of the user and narrows down specific nutrients and exercises that are designed for the body to do. The role of genetics has been neglected by the fitness industry in India and Faacto has used the same factor to make its way to the top.

“We believe that the community is lost somewhere between knowing less and processing too much, hence has chosen to settle for a very ancient system that narrates the same story on loop for everyone. We have gathered a team of highly qualified experts and have combined it with the latest technology to create one of the most unique & advanced fitness platforms. While creating Faacto we knew that we had to stand out and deliver something capable of changing the dynamics of the existing system.” said Akhilesh Bagaria & Vaibhav Bhandari, Founders of Faacto.

The fitness community of India could use a change of pace and Faacto promises to deliver that with its genetically driven fitness platform.

About Faacto: Faacto is a mobile application that uses modern technology to understand the genetic makeup of its users to craft highly personalized diet plans and workout routines that are comparatively more effective and reliable. From unique recipes that makes dieting a pleasurable experience to diverse workout playlists that cover various physical activities, Faacto brings a lot to the table for its users.

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