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In this era of digitalization, comfort has come to the fingertips of the common man. E-commerce has seen a significant growth in a short span of time, with various portals available out there to provide easy purchases to everyone through the click of a button, including heavy goods, like furniture.
In India, the online furniture market has been gaining momentum slowly. As Indians have made a major shift of shopping most of their items from the online market, they are also actively seeking out items that can enhance the décor of their homes, more so if it is designed to their tastes.
With the market full of online portals offering a myriad of designs of various types of furniture units, bringing control back into the hands of the public is what Wooden Street began with. WoodenStreet.com started its operations in 2015, with four friends, Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, Mr. Dinesh Pratap Singh, Mr. Virendra Ranawat, and Mr. Vikas Baheti, leading the front to bring premium quality furniture to everyone, while giving them the power to customise and share their ideas of how they want their furniture to be. Beginning with a small team of 10, they began expanding their operations and serving their very first customers, gaining their trust and creating a foundation that would help them in establishing a firm hand in the furniture market. During the initial days, creating a network to deliver furniture units to their customers had seemed like a long way home, but steady progress and strategic planning had earned them 100 completed orders by September, 2015. They weren’t going to stop any tome soon, and by 2016, they had rooted themselves as a fierce competitor in the furniture market, having direct deliveries to more than 15 cities, setting up an experience store in Bengaluru and receiving close to 5,000 visitors per day.
The biggest advantage that WoodenStreet.com has in its pockets is the customization service that it offers to its customers. Apart from more than 2,000 readily available products, a customer has the option to get anything customized to their liking, the way they want. Through various means available on the website, or through getting in touch with the customer support, one can directly place an order, upload a reference, request dimensional changes or design changes to a pre-existing model, while selecting the final wood finish and the fabric colours/patterns to go with, all of which will be passed down in the pipeline to the designers. A team of 20 designers puts their efforts into shaping the products to the customer’s specifications and satisfaction, even providing 3D renders so that the customer can understand visually how their order will look. After sharing these with the customer, the manufacturing process begins, crafting the furniture of their dreams using premium quality Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood, or Mango wood. Once completed, the product is packaged in five layers to ensure a safer transit, and then dispatched for free delivery and installation.
Apart from that, the company also provides a complete interior designing solution through various packages, including consultation for a customer’s home. Understanding the requirements is at the core, and Wooden Street always listens to what its customers have to say. Building up from that, a team of interior designers leads the project to refurbish your home, also dropping suggestions for things that go with each other, and utilizing their products to craft an interior décor that’s unique to you in every way.
Now and again, Wooden Street’s designers keep coming with fresh, new takes on classics, bringing new ranges of furniture to the front, with innovative designs and functionality. Their recent launch, the Floral French Collection, brings a unique blend of French-inspired carved furniture sets with floral patterned upholsteries.
Everything on WoodenStreet.com can be customized and can easily be bought through all major electronic payment methods, and a customer can also buy the products through EMI. From inception to creation, Wooden Street’s products are moulded to perfection, never missing out on defining their biggest trait; multi-utility. Being space-savvy, they’re full of storage options, and come in eclectic designs to please everyone.
This defining trait has given Wooden Street a jump in progress in 2017, setting up three more experience stores, in Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur, and amassing a creative team of more than 200. With manufacturing and upholstery units in Jodhpur and Jaipur respectively, delivering hardwood and premium upholstery furniture across the nation, more than 5,000 happy customers, and a prospect of opening 10 more experience stores by the end of this year, Wooden Street keeps on growing day by day, achieving new heights and gaining new accolades on its journey to success.

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