This Startup from Pune Aims to Bring e-Invoicing Revolution in India

SpiderG is the first e-invoicing platform in India, with the aim of going paperless. As the world is trying to go cashless, SpiderG with the e-invoicing feature sets the goal of digital India.
Traditionally invoicing is always done on paper, and SpiderG wanted to ease the documentation process. Hence, the simplest and legal way to send invoice was developed.
SpiderG follows Purchase to pay cycle, which initiates with RFQ, i.e. Request for Quotation followed by Quotation, then the Purchase Order which is followed by Invoice. This Purchase Order and Invoice are considered as legal documents.
SpiderG also keeps firm hand with the changes occurring in the economic system. GST being the buzz of the town, the application is also GST compliant.
The application is cost friendly and also reduces the time consumption compared to the stressful paperwork. Through the easier usage of the application, the payment is done faster. All the records are stored in a proper format, increasing the customer relationship and cash management.
This is best managed and directed by Glady, which is a chatbot who understand the necessity of the user once the word is typed. It directly opens the page to where the user wants to perform.
Invoicing is a tradition to be followed by every other seller and understood by everyone involved in the buying process. The supply of goods and services is backed up with its invoicing.
But, with GST in the frame, the invoicing will become more efficient and mandatory.
SpiderG can be used in a dual environment, if both the vendor and the customer are on SpiderG, it works as a simple e-invoicing app where business transaction can take place, but in case a vendor or customer is not on SpiderG and an invoice has to be sent to that particular person, SpiderG plays the role of an invoice creation app where one can create an invoice and export it to the registered email address and then further can be sent through mail or in the form of a hard copy depending on the requirement of the vendor or the customer.
Perks of SpiderG with Invoicing:

  1. With cloud storage, the recorded data is well secured and well maintained.
  2. Ready invoice templates allow users to send invoice within minutes, hence the process is time saving.
  3. Users can send SMS or email as a payment reminder.
  4. Users can also make an entry of advance payment received.
  5. A complete knowledge of the receivables and payables is acquired, which gives extra visibility to the CEO or the admin of the organisation.

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