The perfect internship for becoming a successful Fashion Entrepreneur

Ending up with a college degree, is probably the most mundane milestone of our life in today’s world. But have you ever wondered how capable does this 16-17 year long life of rigorous education makes us in setting up our dream firm? It is not a matter of holding a graduation diploma and dressing up in the graduation robes that readies us for the challenges and realities of the world, but actually getting out there to wind up our wits and face the hurdles head on, especially in a transiently stable but equally glamorous, and promising world of fashion ventures. This difference is made by the magic of ‘work experience in the fashion industry’.
the perfect internship for becoming a successful fashion entrepreneur
Doing Internships is a fast flash method of assessing your own caliber, of digging into the rich mine of experiences and hands on knowledge and finally building your own startup. Let us explore what can be done to prune oneself for the coveted CEO chair of one’s very own fashion startup.
Research Relentlessly
There is a dictum in the startup entrepreneur’s hand book: Nothing like too much information. The sooner this habit is harnessed and practiced, the better. Researching is the best way to assess the available options in the arena. Find out about the fashion firms out there, their work, accolades and achievements. Apply for the ones that make a cut for your criteria. There is no point slogging away your precious hours in a firm whose job profile doesn’t overlap with your future goal. Your dream job will not be made out of your fruitless efforts in an unrelated job profile. You can either go for the branches of designing to give a creative insight to your passion and explore and learn the nuances, or go for the customer handling front of the company- which involves dealing with people and pitching sales proposals etc. Either ways, you are investing in the cycle of personal growth which yields great returns.
Look for the Challenges
If your job doesn’t drive you over the edge to deliver exceptional results, then you are most likely to wind up in a desk job of complacency. Stagnation is the biggest blunder any aspiring startup owner can do to one’s career graph. It is imperative to look for a job profile that will test your limits in terms of creativity, efficiency and commitment. If you want to own the next Fashion Nova, then you need to know the constant evolution the world demands in terms of style and designs. And challenges are a hurdle race for you to prepare you for the real sprint in the jungle of established apparel moguls.
Mind your Mentor
Prospective internships are the baby steps one takes to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Your first job’s lessons are what will be etched in your impressionable mind and drive you forward when you are climbing the ladder to shatter those glass ceilings. Hence, it is absolutely important to find a capable and willing mentor to guide you through your wobbly steps. If you have a mentor who can churn up fantastic designs and create crazy sales records, then be sure to be constantly taking notes. The fashion world can be daunting if one has not been even remotely acquainted to the challenges it can provide. One can always benefit from a wizened guru who knows the secret tricks of the trade and willing to share them with you.
Change Constantly
If there is anything more permanent in the fashion world than denims, it is probably- Change. Constant change in designs, trends and demands is what the industry thrives on. It is thus, very important to not only know the newer fabrics but also create a niche for yourself in terms of uniqueness and identity. India is slowly emerging as a global name in fashion and it is a good time to strike the hot iron and turn the course of your destiny. If your intern job gives you the opportunity to witness this dynamic transformation in fashion technology and trends from close quarters while at the same time developing a sense of original product design, then be grateful for the opportunity that can guarantee your survival and success in the cut throat market tomorrow.
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