Tatkal For Sure Comes To Save You From The Pain Of Booking Train Tickets Online

Railways is one of the biggest Network In India and IRCTC website is one of the most busiest website among all Indian departments website. According to one of the latest report almost more than 13,00,000 Tickets are booked every single day on IRCTC website.
Lot of times, some unplanned journey comes our way which can not be avoided and we need tatkal or emergency ticket but due to busy website, it gets almost difficult to book tatkal tickets online. a young startup from India has understood the urgency and launched their venture for people who book tatkal tickets online.
Tatkal For Sure comes as an android app and as a browser plugin which can help you with tatkal auto-booking feature and you can now book tatkal ticket within moments. So, the next time a train traveler wants to book a tatkal ticket for sure, you can just use tatkal For Sure. It would autofill the details for you and book confirmed ticket within fraction of seconds.
With tatkal for sure you can Book Tatkal ticket in just 3 Steps
1. Install – Install this simple light-weight browser plugin
2. Fill your Details – Pre-fill all your details required for your journey
3. Book & Relax – Click and book and you are done!
Tatkal for sure claims to let you book your tickets in less than 30 seconds that too without worrying about the IRCTC website going down. The application as well as google chrome extension is absolutely free and listed on google playstore as well as google chrome extension platform and can be downloaded anytime.

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