Amazon’s emphasis on the ‘Turkey 5’ reveals Black Friday and Cyber Monday as we know them are dying

  • Amazon announced that Black Friday and Cyber Monday again broke records this year.
  • The company highlighted sales figures during what it calls the “Turkey 5,” its cutesy nickname for the five days stretching from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, otherwise known as Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Amazon’s emphasis on the Turkey 5 started in 2017, but its continuation is likely due to the fast sales growth rate on days that aren’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Online sales grew at a faster clip on Thanksgiving, Saturday, and Sunday than on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, according to Adobe Analytics.

Surprising absolutely nobody, Amazon again announced on Tuesday that Cyber Monday and Black Friday have broken records.

The company didn’t offer many details, but said that Cyber Monday is now its biggest shopping day in history, surpassing last year’s event.

But the real story isn’t in those blockbuster days, but in those that lie between. Amazon has a cutesy name for the stretch of five days that run from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: the”Turkey 5.” It gave them this name in a press release last year and has continued it this year.

While it may seem silly at first blush, it reveals a gradual evolution for the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Amazon said that customers purchased 180 million items over the five-day holiday weekend – millions more than last year.

While Black Friday usually is considered the start of the holiday shopping season, Thanksgiving has largely replaced it online, with most steep discounts starting at midnight or even earlier.

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Online sales grew 28% on Thanksgiving this year, according to Adobe Analytics, which takes data from 80 of the top 100 online retailers. Cyber Monday grew a comparatively small 19%, suggesting that even though it’s the biggest sales day right now, the distinction could disappear. Adobe estimates that $7.9 billion were made in online sales on Cyber Monday, compared to Black Friday’s $6.2 billion.

But the rise of Thanksgiving isn’t the only factor at play. The following Saturday and Sunday, November 24 and 25, also set new records, each growing at a rate of over 25% online – notably higher than both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to Adobe. Black Friday’s online sales grew 23.6% this year.

The ease and growth of online shopping are morphing Cyber Monday and Black Friday into wildly different holidays than they have been in the past. Sales are now spread more throughout the days before and after the demarcated holidays, as are the deals being offered to customers.

The marquee sales days will continue to grow, but look for Thanksgiving and the following Saturday and Sunday to take a larger bite out of early holiday shopping year after year, as we witness the rise of the Turkey 5.

Source: Business Insider

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