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5 Ways to Increase Followers on Facebook Page

Facebook is ubiquitous. It intertwines so much with our daily routine that we are still unaware of the extent of its reach. As a data-driven company, it is also an impressive tool for social media marketing since almost everyone uses it. Even people off Facebook are aware of its existence. In simple terms, this essentially means that you need Facebook regardless of your goals and status. 

At the same time, Facebook has over 2.70 billion monthly active users as of November 2020. This makes it easy for the loss of your voice in the crowd. To make sure your brand penetrates the noise, you will need creativity in your campaign. For that, you will need to gain more Facebook followers. A quick solution for achieving popularity is to buy Facebook likes. Visit this page for a list of websites that offer this functionality.

While buying followers and likes is a common strategy, it is, by no means, the sole contender. In this article, we will list five simple ways that will help to gain likes and views organically for your Facebook page.

1. Make it attractive

When you create a page on Facebook, you get an option to update it with information about its “what” and “who” factors. Make judicious use of this feature.  Make a page backed by a creative display picture and a witty bio. Further, make sure your contact information is correct. 

I once came across a Facebook page that had forgotten to add country code to its phone number. The result? Instead of their correct phone number starting with +91, Facebook defaulted to +1 and there is no telling how many customers they lost. 

Such mistakes are easy to make but easier yet to avoid if you are careful.

2. Research your audience

Depending upon the type of page you are creating, your audience will vary. Think about who will benefit most from your content and try to make it more relevant for them. For example, if you are creating a page about children’s toys, you will need to target parents. To be specific, your target will be young parents whose kids are more likely to be in the playing age group.

Once you have narrowed your audience down, think about what is relevant to them. Using those keywords, you will be able to target them and achieve better engagement. Make your audience connect to your content. Make them feel heard. Whatever you create must invite focus since you only have a few milliseconds to make an impact.

3. Mind your strategy

After filtering your audience and performing your research, ask yourself one question. What makes my audience tick? By this, I mean that you must optimize your content strategy so that it is ideal for your targeted users. 

Let us revisit our example of a page that sells toys. If this page posted memes, it would certainly receive engagement because we all know how immensely popular memes are. But its monetary benefits will be negligible since memes are the food of the younger generation. This generation has no interest in buying children’s toys.

Instead, imagine if your content focussed on the struggles of working parents. What do you think would happen? That is right. Engagement, engagement, and engagement!

4. Be regular and stick to a schedule

All social media algorithms tend to favour channels and pages that are regular. Other factors vary across differing platforms. But on Facebook, the first point you need to keep in mind is: be regular. Create a schedule, whether it is one post every day, one post every week, or even two posts daily. But once you have decided on a schedule, stick to it. 

This consistency will help you doubly. Not only will Facebook improve the ranking of your page, but your followers will also feel more confident about choosing you for their needs.

An easy way to stick to your schedule is to create a calendar and mark it for the content you are going to upload. This will help you stay organized and consistent. Do note that you must never compromise consistency for quality. Managing a social media campaign is a difficult task because you will need to balance excellence and regularity.

5. Engage your audience and other creators

I can never give enough of this advice in any article related to social media marketing. Social media works quid pro quo. You start engaging with other creators, you will receive engagement automatically. Therefore, regularly visit other channels and pages and leave insightful comments on their posts. Encourage them. Maybe tag a few creators and help them reach their engagement goal. Being nice never hurts and will always yield favourable returns.

Apart from winning other creators, also keep your audience entertained. Hold polls about thought-provoking questions. Ask them to comment on their opinions. Always include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your post. The CTA is just a small sentence asking the audience to share the video or post/send it to their friends/comment/like or perform various other tasks. Keep them involved and make them feel important.


The internet lives up to its name. That is, it is all connected, and every action reflects back across one or many of the strands of its being. Be creative, engage with everyone, stay consistent, stay creative, and your Facebook page will surely see a rapid growth.

As usual, remember to share your valuable opinions with us in the comment box below.

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