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The division 2 eagle bearer is considered the most powerful AR in the division 2 . it has the accuracy of resulting most damage in the game as compared to all the assaulting rifles . it is much better than the custom P416 G3.

The unique perk eagle strikes buffs weapon gives the accuracy by 30% as you fire and grants you stack .


The division 2 eagle bearer is the final exotic added in the list of the division 2 for now it is called the exotic assault rifle . The division 2 eagle bearer was added to the game after introducing the operation dark hours , so obtaining the division 2 eagle bearer through raid isn’t a surprise.


Features of division 2 eagle bearer


Eagle’s strike

The accuracy increases over time as you continuously fire it goes upto 100%. The headshot kills can grant you + 100% reloading speed . occurring +35% damage and the tenacity buff is only for 10 seconds. The strength of the tenacity gets increased by 1% when you get a body shot and 5% for headshots .



20 to 80 % of damage will be taken off until the buff ends. The total of delayed damages gets reduced for the enemy getting killed while the buff is still on its active mode . upto 100% along with five kills.


Protected fire

While holstering , gain upto +10 % bonus armour while you’re firing with your current weapon in the game .

As per the features the eagle bearer becomes an absolute beast after using it over time . aiming for headshots can grant you 100% accuracy, headshots are easier to obtain when playing on your personal computer


how to get your hands on the eagle bearer in the division 2 ?


  •       To obtain this armour , you have to beat the division 2 raid called the operation dark hours . it is not going to be quite simple although it’s not a guaranteed drop the eagle bearer is a random drop from any of the raid’s four bosses . even though lot of people completed the raid didn’t receive  the weapon it doesn seems to have high chances of dropping.


  •       The only guaranteed way of obtaining the eagle bearer exo tic is to be able to beat the raid  approximately five times . it may sound easy but the raid is by far witnessed the most difficult phase in the division 2 game . beating it five times will grant you to open the locked up chest behind the plane after you’re done beating the final boss .

You can get this armour by clicking on the link , choose your preferred schedule and fill in all the details . they will assign you with a pro player that best fits for your requirements . you share the information in the secured chat and the details will be immediately deleted after the order gets completed . the pro player completes the task for you. You will be receiving updates and stream links for each session so that you know the progress .After you are comfortable with the service the pro player will only then get paid .



This armour is worth it to increase your gaming experiences and this armour has some awesome features which can make you engross into the game . getting through the raid is no piece of cake but getting on to this armour would need a special set of gaming skills . This armour increases accuracy over time and magnifies your skills of gaming and strategies. Happy gaming!

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